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Hitachi in the U.S.A.

Hitachi Global Company Profile gives all-inclusive information on the Hitachi Group and its initiatives, corporate structure, and history. Find how Hitachi increases its profitability and restructures group business portfolio by participating in corporate affiliations, consolidations, mergers & acquisitions, and spin-offs.

Hitachi integrates cutting-edge technologies and industry expertise to create high-end products that serve as the nucleus of next-generation initiatives. We work toward expanding our global business, acting in accordance with sound corporate values. What sets the Hitachi Group apart is the close relationship we foster with global customers, and the niche we create by focusing on product development and refinement.

Visit the sections below for the detailed Hitachi Global Company Profile.

Message from Top Management (open in a new window)

Read Hitachi corporate message from the Chairman & CEO Hiroaki Nakanishi and President & COO Toshiaki Higashihara.

Board of Directors (open in a new window)

Hitachi Global Board of Directors takes care of the business strategy, decision-making and top management activities in Hitachi, Ltd. Find who’s playing which role in the Hitachi Board of Directors.

Executive Officers (open in a new window)

Hitachi Executive Officers manage the overall operations in the Hitachi, Ltd. Know more about the Hitachi Global Executive Officers and the position held by them.

Organizational Chart (open in a new window)

The Hitachi organizational chart represents the hierarchy and structure of Hitachi, Ltd.Get complete information on the organization, key offices, departments, and divisions from the Hitachi organizational chart.

Hitachi Group Identity (open in a new window)

The Hitachi Group Identity articulates the Mission, Values and Vision shared by the Hitachi Group worldwide, enabling it to demonstrate outstanding teamwork that transcends the boundaries of geographical regions and business fields.

Company Profile (open in a new window)

Hitachi Global Corporate Data

Explore Hitachi Global corporate data to get information on Hitachi capital, stock, employees, and revenues.

History (open in a new window)

Hitachi corporate history gives a broad overview of the innovations from Hitachi. Learn more about the developments and milestones of Hitachi, Ltd. from the Hitachi corporate history.

Hitachi Selected as a Component of the DJSI World for 2014 (open in a new window)

Hitachi, Ltd. (Head Office: Tokyo) has been selected as a component of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) World Index, the globally renowned Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) index this year again for 6 consecutive years.

MEMBER OF Dow Jones Sustainability Indices In Collabration with RobecoSAM

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