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Hitachi has been manufacturing products that serve the automotive industry since the 1930’s when it designed its first generator for Japan’s then-fledgling automobile industry. Today, Hitachi has become a leading global supplier to the automotive industry, with products that are known for their quality, reliability and technological sophistication. Hitachi’s automotive products can be found both under the hood of vehicles and inside the passenger cabin, enhancing both vehicle performance and driver experience.

Hitachi Automotive Systems Americas, Inc.

Hitachi Automotive Systems

Hitachi Automotive Systems Americas, Inc. manufactures and markets engine management, electric power train, drive control and car information systems for major automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEM) worldwide, adhering to ISO/TS 16949:2009 industry standards.

Green Mobility

To support its Environmental Vision 2025, Hitachi offers innovative solutions to reduce emissions and increase fuel efficiency in today’s vehicles.

A leader in the development of nextgeneration lithium-ion batteries, Hitachi was awarded the contract for GM’s new line of “e-assist” vehicles. As motor vehicle regulations call for a reduction in exhaust emissions and increased fuel economy, the demand grows for hybrid, electric and fuel cell vehicles. An alternative to nickel-metal hydrid batteries, the lithium-ion battery provides a solution to reduce environmental impact through its superior charge efficiency and higher output. Hitachi’s lithium-ion batteries also power buses, commercial vehicles and trains.

Hitachi has also been instrumental in the development of more efficient electric motors to augment automobile engines, as well as reliable power inverters to drive motors globally. Latest green mobility efforts include direct injection of gasoline (DIG) technology that allows for the manufacture of smaller, more fuel efficient engines.

Automotive Aftermarket Products

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, “fixing it right” is crucial to staying on the road and is just good business. For years, Hitachi Automotive Systems Americas, Inc. has been universally recognized as an OEM. Now, Hitachi is increasing its presence in the Aftermarket, enabling individual customers to choose its quality and eco-conscious products for their service, replacement or performance needs.

Clarion Corporation of America

Clarion Corporation America

Clarion is a global leader in mobile electronics with 74 years of industry expertise delivering high quality mobile electronics around the world. The company conducts research, development, engineering, design, manufacturing, sales and marketing of mobile entertainment, navigation, invehicle information solutions, and safety and security products for the automotive, marine, recreational vehicle, commercial fleet and heavy industry environments. Clarion products place high importance on the pursuit of safety, security, accuracy, comfort and communication within the vehicle and to external devices. With the launch of its Smart Access Cloud-Based Information Network Service in mid-2012, Clarion has transformed into an in-vehicle information solution provider. Clarion’s goal is to create a better way to connect people, sound and information in the mobile environment in a safe and convenient way, and it plans to introduce new in-vehicle products that are compatible with Smart Access to deliver value-added connectivity.

Hitachi Cable America Inc.

Hitachi Cable America

Automotive Products Division

Hitachi Cable America Inc., Automotive Products Division serves the automotive industry with a variety of top quality components, materials and services. It is a leader in fluid movement components such as brake hose assemblies and fluid applications, including hose and tube assemblies. It has internal capabilities to perform machining and brazing operations for fittings and related components. Recently, the company started supplying high technology electrical products such as ABS braking sensors, electric parking brake harnesses and hybrid electric vehicle wire harnesses including high and low voltage electrical cables. Hitachi has also developed a unique high heat resistant wire and cable construction that provides significant advantages in under hood applications. It has also developed and patented a superior system for routing these cables through vehicles which was developed to eliminate some of the previous design restrictions.

Hitachi Consulting Corporation

Hitachi Consulting Corporation

With a global presence in the automotive industry, and major offices in the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East, Hitachi Consulting serves the entire value chain including many of the Fortune Global 500 automotive companies, OEMs and Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers. Hitachi Consulting is partnering with leading automotive companies to build sustainable, differentiated solutions for their business environments today and in the future. Hitachi Consulting’s Automotive Practice combines industry and business process knowledge with distinctive insights into existing and emerging technologies. It has developed a range of innovative, end-to-end solution offerings for the automotive industry, leveraging services across Hitachi Consulting to include management consulting, technology solutions, and managed services.

Hitachi Metals America Holdings, Inc.

Hitachi Metals America Holdings

Hitachi Metals America Holdings, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hitachi Metals, Ltd., functioning as its parent’s regional holding company in North America and has two direct operating subsidiaries, namely Hitachi Metals Foundry America, Inc. and Hitachi Metals America, LLC.

Under Hitachi Metals Foundry America, Inc., we have four manufacturing subsidiaries three of which serve auto OEMs and Tier 1 auto suppliers. Waupaca Foundry, Inc. is a new addition to our group and is the world biggest cast iron and ductile iron foundry supplying high-quality castings for light truck and passenger car market in the U.S. Other automotive-related manufacturing subsidiaries include AAP St. Marys Corp. where high-functional aluminum wheels are manufactured for auto OEMs in North America, Hitachi Metals Automotive Components USA, LLC where high-toughness ductile iron castings for automotive suspension parts are produced for auto OEMs.

Under Hitachi Metals America, LLC (HMA), we have four manufacturing subsidiaries two of which serve automotive industry. And its divisions serve auto OEMs and auto suppliers with high-functional automotive materials, components and parts. Those include Hitachi Metals North Carolina, Ltd. where sintered ferrite magnets are made for auto suppliers, and Hitachi Cable America Inc. which automotive division manufactures and markets brake hoses and harnesses for auto OEMs in North America. Other HMA divisions market high-performance materials such as soft magnetic materials for inverters and heat-resistant steel castings for turbocharger housings and precision castings parts for turbo wheels to name a few.

Hitachi’s Automotive Business in Mexico

Hitachi’s Automotive Business

Hitachi is keenly aware of the rapid amount of development taking place in both Central and South America and is actively engaged in a variety of businesses throughout this region. In Mexico, Hitachi offers a broad range of products and services that relate specifically to the automotive industry. In Mexico, Hitachi manufactures, markets and sells automotive components that contribute to fuel efficiency, engine performance and heightened driver and passenger comfort and convenience. Hitachi is looking forward to the continued expansion of its products and services targeting the automotive sector in this rapidly growing area.

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