Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Hitachi’s purpose as a company is to solve global issues through its Social Innovation Business, creating innovative social infrastructure solutions that promote a sustainable society and a sustainable future. Indeed, Hitachi believes that by making positive contributions to society through its Social Innovation Business, it can help society – and business – grow and prosper. Moreover, as part of its mission to be a global sustainability leader and good corporate citizen, Hitachi believes that companies should conduct their corporate activities and communications with stakeholders in a fair and open manner, promote harmony with the natural environment and ecosystem, and engage vigorously in activities that contribute to long term social and environmental progress. For Hitachi, CSR is about making its Group Vision a reality. Hitachi’s purpose is to contribute to realizing a safe, secure, comfortable society and to help to tackle global challenges such as poverty, inequality in education, the spread of diseases, resource and energy issues, population concentration in cities, and other global environmental issues through innovation.

Hitachi’s CSR Management

Hitachi’s CSR Management

Hitachi Group CSR Statement and Mission

We strive to realize a sustainable society by properly understanding global social and environmental expectations through communication with our stakeholders and integrating those expectations into our management:

  • CSR and environmental initiatives that contribute to solving social issues
  • Governance that realizes sustainable management
  • Communication that fosters mutual understanding with stakeholders


Properly recognize our social responsibility

Identify, Prioritize and Act

Identify relevant issues, establish priorities for addressing issues, and act

Review and Improve

Review and improve CSR activities through proactive communication and stakeholder engagement

Member of Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) World

Corporate Citizenship

The Hitachi Community Action Partnership (HCAP) is our signature program for community engagement across North America. With strong commitment from Hitachi top management, employee-led Community Action Committees (CACs) organize the talent and resources of their companies to make a difference where our companies are located. The program is rooted in the idea that companies, like citizens, must be active participants in society. HCAP cultivates meaningful relationships in North America by fostering deeper understanding of local issues and nurturing employee innovation in community problem-solving. HCAP also builds team spirit within and across Hitachi Group companies and strengthens the leadership qualities essential for 21st century global companies. Our CACs are strategically mobilizing employee time, talent and philanthropy toward priority community issues at a local level.

Commitment to STEM Education

As a technology company, Hitachi is working to inspire a new generation of achievement in science education and to ensure that students have the skills they need to meet the evolving demands of the workforce. In an effort to captivate students’ imaginations and get them excited about science, Hitachi High Technologies has been loaning out its tabletop microscopes to schools, colleges, universities and science-oriented summer camps and events in Japan, South America, North America and Europe. Partnering with its distributors, Hitachi High Technologies has dedicated a number of microscopes to this CSR initiative. Hitachi High Technologies America enhanced its STEM initiative by creating a website dedicated to STEM education - that contains teacher-curated downloadable educational tools and learning modules.

Universal Design

Hitachi’s Universal Design program aims to teach children about diversity and inclusion while also fueling an interest in engineering and design. The program curriculum teaches students about Universal Design, a concept aimed at creating products, buildings and environments that are accessible to everyone, especially senior citizens and people with different abilities. Hitachi has been involved in research and development around the concept of Universal Design for over twenty years, and its Universal Design program has received international recognition. Started in Japan in 2005, the program was introduced in the U.S. in 2009. Since then, over 10,000 students worldwide have been exposed to the program.

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