Information Technology

Information Technology

The world seems to have turned into a data-generating system. All around us data is created by business processes, by humans, and lately, even by machines. IT has the burden of managing this data growth despite limited resources to do so. Importantly, IT also has the opportunity to help businesses turn that data into useful information that inspires insights and innovation. When it comes to helping information technology professionals manage data, derive value from it, and contribute to social innovation, Hitachi stands with the best.

Hitachi Consulting Corporation

Hitachi Consulting Corporation

IT Planning and Program Management

Effective IT organizations and successful organizational change initiatives start with a well-defined strategy. Hitachi Consulting, with other Hitachi companies, brings tenured IT Advisory and Strategic Technology consultants to its clients to help create an IT vision and associated execution roadmap. IT visions and strategies are only as good as the degree to which they align with the overall corporate strategy. As such, Hitachi Consulting facilitates executive workshops to build business and IT alignment and create process driven capability roadmaps. It strives to define clear metrics and key elements of customer focus, sustainability, and profitability, which move not just IT forward but the entire organization. Hitachi Consulting is known in the industry for collaboratively working with its clients to achieve desired business and IT transformations.

Packaged Solutions and Proven Approaches

Whether Big Data or core enterprise application solutions, Hitachi Consulting has the experience to tackle sizable projects for both large and mid-size corporations. It pairs the experience of its consulting professionals with its HFusion® project delivery methodology to drive these large projects in a repeatable, efficient manner. It is one of the few organizations in the world that can claim depth in each of the major ERP platforms including ORACLE Diamond status, SAP Partner certification including deep HANA skills, and awarded Microsoft Gold Partner of the year 7 times.

Custom IT Solutions that Enable the Organization

Once planning is complete and packaged solutions identified, Hitachi Consulting works with its clients to define where custom solutions are necessary. With the ever changing world of cloud solutions, new development platforms, and system integration capabilities (SOA, EAI), Hitachi Consulting effectively helps define and execute integration and customization strategies that best bridge the gap between desired capabilities and packaged functionality. Its cloud experts help clients determine what IT infrastructure can be moved to the cloud. Its facilities energy experts recommend data center cooling approaches to reduce energy consumption and power generation strategies to reduce energy cost and increase resilience. Finally, its blend of onshore and offshore consultants helps keep custom development and project execution costs down while bringing key expertise onsite, resulting in an exceptional consulting experience.

Hitachi Data Systems Corporation

Hitachi Data Systems Corporation

The purpose of Hitachi Social Innovation solutions and services is to help create a healthier, safer and smarter society. Our comprehensive end-to-end solutions, built on a resilient IT infrastructure, are exceptionally integrated and customizable with an industry-leading standing in data capture, management and retention. We use broad expertise across industries and their operational technologies to provide multidisciplinary and industry-specific solutions. Our advanced analytics framework allows efficient insights from real-time and historical data. Altogether, our IT infrastructure, cloud solutions and services drive strategic management and analysis of the world’s data.

Follow the Data

As data experts, we know there’s more to data than 1s and 0s. We know how to strategically manage all kinds of data – the data from information technology (IT) and the data from operational technology (OT). The IT realm includes back-office business applications such as ERP and manufacturing systems. It also includes human-driven data, such as emails, presentations and tweets. In the OT realm, machine-driven data has exploded with growing numbers of sensors on trains, medical devices, power plant equipment and more.

Traditionally, IT and OT data do not cross paths. But our heavy involvement in both arenas allows us to use both data environments to pull new analytic insight that transforms businesses and whole industries. In fact, only Hitachi Data Systems integrates the best of information technology and operational technology from across the Hitachi family of companies to deliver the exceptional insight that business and society need to transform and thrive.

With an expanded view of events, you can predict issues and resolve them before they happen. Does the train wheel indicate an impending crack? Let’s replace it now before an emergency replacement disrupts train schedules. Does social media indicate growing interest in a particular sporting event? Let’s send traffic control and security personnel before current systems become overwhelmed. Thinking ahead lets you thrive.

Speed, Money, Innovation

Because our customers tell us that speed, money and innovation are in short supply, we address these needs in our solutions. We’ve developed better methodologies for faster services and better engineering to give you more uptime. But we didn’t stop there. We dramatically shorten the time to realize value from your investments by finding areas in your business that promise the best return and then building systems to deliver it.

Put Data to Work

Insights from data make Social Innovation possible and Hitachi Data Systems knows data – it’s literally our middle name. With technology, we help organizations and society transform and thrive. Ask us how we can help you get started.

Hitachi Solutions America Ltd.

Hitachi Solutions America

Business Solution Group

Hitachi Solutions is one of the largest, most qualified and highly experienced Microsoft Dynamics consulting firms in the world, capable of handling complex Tier 1 displacement projects. As a global systems integrator and reseller of Microsoft Dynamics, Hitachi Solutions helps clients across the globe maximize their investment in Microsoft ERP and CRM technologies. From selecting the right software to ensuring project resources are properly aligned, its team of talented professionals works sideby- side with clients to increase success and competitive advantage. Its services are specifically designed to minimize implementation risks, increase use adoption rates, and gain value quickly and continually. It offers a wide range of services to support its clients’ technology investments including:

Global Solutions Deployment

It combines its expertise, experience, and proven deployment methodology to provide a rapid path to delivering the benefits business and technology teams expect.

Microsoft Implementations and Upgrades

Through a robust and flexible framework of tools, templates, and bestpractice processes, it gets systems live and providing value faster.

Business Process Automation and Management

Its business process consultants don’t just automate businesses during an implementation, they re-assess and re-engineer processes to see how things can be done faster and more efficiently.

Organization Change Management

To ensure everyone on the client team is engaged and on board with the project and its changes, it offers an organizational change management (OCM) practice that has a 100% success rate of bringing in projects on time.

Customer Support

To keep systems running at optimal levels and maximizing return on investment, it provides a comprehensive managed-service and support package.



PENTAHO, a Hitachi Group Company, is a leading data integration and business analytics company with an enterprise-class, open source-based platform for diverse big data deployments. PENTAHO’s unified data integration and analytics platform is comprehensive, completely embeddable and delivers governed data to power any analytics in any environment.

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