Hitachi Power

For over 100 years, Hitachi has been an innovator in the area of power generation technology, utilizing its expertise and experience to develop highly efficient nuclear, thermal and hydroelectric power systems. Today, Hitachi offers state-ofthe- art power generation equipment and technologies that supply cleaner, lowcost electricity. These technologies help preserve vital resources, benefiting not only the customer but society.

Hitachi America, Ltd.

Hitachi America

Hitachi America, Ltd. is a leading supplier of battery energy storage systems, compressors and induction motors and generators. Hitachi’s electric power transmission and distribution systems business is a core part of its power systems business. In 2014, Hitachi installed its first CrystEna® system, a complete energy storage system, in the U.S. The system was developed with an emphasis on long operating life, providing significant commercial value. It uses Hitachi’s control systems and power conditioning systems (PCS), and lithium-ion batteries from Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd. Its enhanced economics are due to both its compact design and system performance improvements. Hitachi anticipates applications for CrystEna® at a wide range of facilities in the future and is actively working to expand sales of all of its energy storage systems.

Hitachi has been designing and manufacturing centrifugal compressors since 1910 and has delivered more than 1000 casings to satisfied customers all over the world. Hitachi, through aggressive R&D, has developed many improvements and many of its own innovations in compressor design by use of technology including performance, rotor dynamics, and shaft seal system. Hitachi’s advanced centrifugal compressors have an excellent reputation for high performance and high reliability and are now working as key components in various plants around world.

Hitachi is also a leader in the design and manufacture of high power induction motors and generators. With the recent advances in Hitachi’s high power variable frequency drives, induction motors can now be used in almost all applications where high reliability and robust performance are required.

Hitachi Consulting Corporation

Hitachi Consulting Corporation

Hitachi Consulting’s Power & Utilities Practice provides full-service business and IT solutions for distribution companies (LDCs), water and electric companies, power producers and traders and alternative energy and SMART Grid providers. The company’s services include holistic and innovative solution sets combining technical capability with deep industry expertise to help overcome challenges of effectiveness and performance, regulatory and reporting requirements, supply chain, workforce training and recruiting and the demand for green and sustainable solutions. Its offerings and capabilities extend throughout the industry value chain from power generation and transmission all the way through distribution and consumption.

Hitachi HVB, Inc.

Hitachi HVB

Hitachi HVB, Inc. is a premier international supplier of electrical equipment, including dead tank high-voltage circuit breakers, gas-insulated switchgear, transformers and generator main circuit breakers. One of the company’s recent key accomplishments is the creation of the industry’s first environmentally-conscious, high voltage vacuum circuit breaker, a 72.5kV dry air insulated solution that eliminates SF6 gas, provides exceptionally low maintenance and operation costs, and poses no threat to the environment, as the insulating dry air can be released into the atmosphere with no adverse consequences. HVB is dedicated to continuing the expansion and integration of its present products while developing new and improved product solutions to meet future energy demands.

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