Community Relations

Hitachi, along with its global community activities and contributions, works toward building strong relationships with its stakeholders and community organizations. Hitachi provides both financial and volunteer support to non-profit organizations, who work toward improving the quality of life in our communities through their programs and social contributions. Hitachi strives to fulfill its role as a good corporate citizen, and supports community contributions at all levels of organization through its North America Community Action Committees, donations, and volunteer work. At Hitachi, our goal is to make lasting and meaningful contributions to society, locally as well as globally.

Hitachi activities in the U.S.A. demonstrate its corporate citizenship and aim at enriching the quality of life within society. Hitachi participates in various community activities and social contributions to support society and respond to societal needs and expectations. We focus on several North America CSR initiatives involving our three areas of focus: Communities, Education and Environment.

Community Action Committees

Hitachi America supports community and local non-profit organizations as well as promotes employee volunteerism. Hitachi America employees form local internal Community Action Committees and make decisions as to their respective office’s donations, fund-raising, and/or volunteer activities for each fiscal year.. The employee-led Community Action Committees (CACs) determine philanthropic priorities for their companies and support local community organizations through both matching funds and volunteerism. This program draws on employee interest, dedication and talent to interact with local community organizations. We firmly believe that this approach to corporate citizenship builds greater understanding, connection and real opportunities to make an impact in the communities where our employees work and live throughout North America. Hitachi employees continue to play an active role in Hitachi’s corporate social responsibility activities and has the added benefit of building employee leadership skills and cohesiveness across Hitachi Group companies in North America.

Annual Hitachi North American Food Drive

The North American Food Drive, which takes place each summer, is a collaborative program among Hitachi Group companies throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Hitachi Group companies have been participating in this annual drive continuously since 2000.

In 2017, Hitachi America, Ltd. employees in Westchester County, NY, the Bay Area in CA and San Diego, CA collected 5600 pounds of food and donated more than $2700 USD to local food banks in their respective communities as a result of the drive. In total, the Hitachi Group collected nearly 645,000 pounds of food and donated over $1,082,000 USD in the fight against hunger in a number of communities throughout these regions since we began the program.

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