Hitachi’s Goals to achieve a Low-Carbon Society, A Resource Efficient Society and Harmonize with Nature
Hitachi works to achieve a more sustainable society by addressing environmental problem that pose a challenge for society based on its corporate mission of contributing to society through the development of superior, original technology and products. Since the world population is regularly increasing, we recognize the need to slow down destructive climate change, preserve natural resources and reduce the emission of CO2 and other harmful wastes. Hitachi is committed to supporting environmental awareness, education and conservation around the globe.

In 2016, we announced our Environmental Vision and long term environmental targets called Hitachi Environmental Innovation 2050. The goals included raising the level of environmental activities, improving the environmental performance of our products and services and reducing energy use in our factories and offices.

The Environmental Vision and Hitachi Environmental Innovation 2050

Every day we face resource depletion, ecosystem destruction, global warming and as well various other environmental issues. Hitachi continues to work to reduce the environmental burden of these business activities.

Low Carbon Society

Our goal for 2050 is to reduce CO2 emissions by 80%. We plan to achieve this goal through decreasing emissions during the production/usage stage of our products and solutions. Hitachi will continue to develop innovative technologies and solutions for our customers, as well as enhancing product efficiency and supplying low carbon energy.

Resource Efficient Society

Hitachi will work to increase the efficiency of water use and resources. We plan to focus on water treatment technologies involved with seawater desalination as well as other forms of fresh water generation to sewage treatments. Our goal is to improve our efficiency of water by 50% by fiscal year 2050. We will accomplish this goal through the utilization of recycled used products, reducing the volume of water used in production and enhancing purification processes.

Harmonized Society with Nature

Preserving the ecosystem is our upmost priority. We will focus on air and water purification systems and environmental monitoring systems. We also hope to minimize the environmental impact at our factories and offices.

(Examples Include: Wind Power Business, Intercity Express Program)

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