Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Hitachi, with its global community activities and contributions, works toward building strong relationships with its stakeholders and community organizations. Hitachi provides both financial and volunteer support to non-profit organizations, who work toward improving the quality of life in our communities through their programs and social contributions. Hitachi strives to fulfill its role as a good corporate citizen, and supports community contributions at all levels of organization through its North America Community Action Committees, donations, and volunteer work. At Hitachi, we endeavor to make lasting and meaningful contributions to society, locally as well as globally.

Hitachi activities in the U.S.A. demonstrate its corporate citizenship, and aim at enriching the quality of life within society. Hitachi participates in several community activities and social contributions to support society and respond to societal needs and expectations. We have several North America CSR initiatives involving our three areas of focus: Communities, Education and Environment.


The Hitachi Community Action Partnership - The Hitachi Community Action Partnership (HCAP) is Hitachi’s signature program for community engagement across its many companies in North America. The program is rooted in the idea that companies, like citizens, must be active participants in society and that businesses have a role to play in responding to local community needs and challenges. Through the HCAP program, employee-led Community Action Committees (CACs) determine philanthropic priorities for their companies and support local community organizations through both grant-funding and volunteering. The HCAP program draws on employee interest, dedication and talent to interact with local community organizations. We firmly believe that this approach to corporate citizenship builds greater understanding, connection and real opportunities to make an impact in the communities where our employees work and live throughout North America. HCAP enables our employees to play an active role in Hitachi’s corporate social responsibility activities and has the added benefit of building employee leadership skills and cohesiveness across Hitachi Group companies in North America.


Universal Design Educational Curriculum

This award-winning educational curriculum is geared toward teaching students about the importance of diversity and inclusion while also stimulating an interest in engineering and design. The curriculum includes a lecture that explains the principles of universal design engineering and a participatory, experiential workshop. The program also gives students a chance to work collaboratively and practice their presentation skills. The program is offered to schools and student clubs at no charge and does not promote or focus on a specific Hitachi product.

Microscopy Educational Outreach

Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc. (HTA) is one of the world’s leading suppliers of scanning electron microscopes. The HTA STEM Educational Outreach Program offers students the opportunity to experiment with the world of Nano Science in their classrooms. These tabletop scanning electron microscopes can be used for imaging and analysis of materials and biological specimens and can enhance learning opportunities for students of all ages, from kindergarten through post-graduate. The microscopes are available to schools and universities for limited time usage. Certified and trained personnel assist educators with setup, training and sample analysis.

Learn more about HTA STEM Educational Outreach Program.


Environmental Activities – Recognizing the need to slow down destructive climate change, preserve natural resources and reduce the emission of CO2 and other harmful wastes, Hitachi is committed to supporting environmental awareness, education and conservation activities around the globe. Creating sustainable, environmentally-conscious products, solutions and services are key components of Hitachi’s business focus; likewise, promoting environmental awareness, education and conservation plays an important role in the company’s corporate social responsibility initiatives. In the United States, Hitachi supports environmentally-focused programs through both its grant-making and employee volunteer initiatives. With an aim to contribute to the environment and enhance the quality of life for community, Hitachi undertakes corporate initiatives and conducts strategic environmental activities.

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