Hitachi Powdered Metals (USA), Inc. Hitachi Powdered Metals America

Hitachi Powdered Metals America (USA), Inc. (HPMA) has achieved 0% waste sent to landfill since 2014, a major improvement since sending 344 metric tons of waste to landfill in 2010. HPMA has achieved landfill free status through various methods of recycling and reuse. HPMA first identified all of the company’s waste streams and made it a priority to recycle as much of the waste as possible.

As of 2019, HPMA recycles approximately 75% of waste. The other 25% is be incinerated in a waste to energy process. Some of the major waste stream improvements include:

  • All scrap metal is sold except grinding swarf.
  • Clean oil is being separated and sold rather than paying for disposal.
  • Cardboard is baled and sold for significant reimbursement
  • Plastic skids are sold

In 2016 HPMA established a part of our property as designated green space where no future development will occur. We started development of a butterfly garden in our green space as a way to help rejuvenate a keystone species in our environment - butterflies. Each year we have doubled the size of our butterfly garden and hope to continue to expand in the future!

  • Environmental Initiatives
  • Recycle Used Oil