Baker Cheese

While Reducing Print Costs and Downtime, Baker Cheese Meets Consumer Expectations with Consistent and Exceptional Code Dates.

Baker Cheese needed to reduce downtime and increase print consistency in order to meet consumer expectations. After two weeks of head-to-head trials, they selected Hitachi RX Series Continuous Inkjet Printers as the clear winner. The result was an immediate improvement in uptime, decreased print costs, reliable and consistent code dates allowing Baker Cheese to continue as one of America’s favorite string cheese producers.

Baker Cheese


Baker Cheese

Located in the heart of cheese country, you'll find Baker Cheese; a 4th generation cheese producer. Baker Cheese pioneered the production of high quality string cheese and has been a leading national producer for almost four decades. They take pride in the freshness of their cheese, owing that freshness to an astounding 48 hour farm to consumer ready process. This commitment to freshness and quality has been meet with many awards and accolades from critics and consumers alike.

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Baker Cheese

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We put it through the ringer on our toughest applications, and it was a slam dunk!

Brian Baker, President
Baker Cheese

Baker Cheese

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Release Date:
August, 2016

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Continuous Inkjet Printers

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Hitachi America, Ltd.

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