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Result & Benefits

The solution provided by Hitachi Data Systems to UHC involved Hitachi Universal Storage Platform V running Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning software. Carlberg and Cao were excited about the new solution’s promise to simplify storage management, optimize physical disk utilization, and enhance overall performance.

Until now, UHC’s existing provisioning layout and management scheme allowed the UHC team to use only 40 to 50 percent of UHC storage resources. With prior generations of storage systems, administrators had to use their own calculations. Sometimes, they had to balance the system load by manually assigning data volumes to array groups specific to physical disk spindle locations. The Hitachi Universal Storage Platform V with Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning software performs this task automatically and improves results.

Pictured from left: Currin Shipley (HDS) and Steven Carlberg (UHC)
Pictured from left: Currin Shipley, Strategic Account Executive for Hitachi Data Systems and Steven Carlberg, UHC. "UHC had a requirement to be scalable and flexible in their environment. HDS had a great design that provided UHC with a complete solution," stated Shipley.

The Dynamic Provisioning software by Hitachi Data Systems assigns physical capacity to some of large dynamic storage pools on the storage system, while additional capacity is added to the appropriate pool, when required. This reduces the task of storage administrators only to monitoring the capacity and performance of each pool. Applications are then assigned data volumes that use storage capacity on an as-needed basis. The data volumes use capacity evenly distributed across one of the dynamic pools.

By dynamically allocating the required physical disk space, Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning software minimizes the extra cost of over provisioning storage capacity, which otherwise is never used completely. The software also eliminates "hot spots" through wide striping – the distribution of data and I/O demand over the maximum number of disk drives and RAID groups. This reduces the burden of storage management and storage optimization from IT storage administrators, by enabling the system automatically balance load across several physical resources.

In this video: Carlberg discusses the results and benefits of the Hitachi Universal Storage Platform™ V Solution.

Results & Benefits

The results have been astounding for UHC:

  • 100% uptime with rock-solid reliability. This allowed shifting the platform to blade server systems which boot from a SAN and have zero local storage.
  • Reduced server racks from 28 to 3, across two data centers.
  • Reducing the data center footprint saved $440,000 annually, when factoring in operational and maintenance costs.
  • 200 percent improvement in volume provisioning times.
  • Dynamic expansion capability on existing volumes allowed to provision more tightly, while being able to easily respond to growth needs.

*Source: University HealthSystem Consortium

In this video: Carlberg continues to explain the results and benefits for UHC and recommends Hitachi’s solution.

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Customer Profile

University HealthSystem Consortium (UHC)

The University HealthSystem Consortium, Oak Brook, Illinois, formed in 1984, is an alliance of 112 academic medical centers and 256 of their affiliated hospitals representing approximately 90% of the nation's non-profit academic medical centers.

Providing the lens through which the organization assesses all it does, UHC's mission is to create knowledge, foster collaboration, and promote change to help members succeed. UHC’s vision of the future is to help members attain national leadership in healthcare by achieving excellence in quality, safety, and cost-effectiveness.

UHC offers an array of performance improvement products and services, such as powerful databases that provide comparative data in clinical, operational, faculty practice management, financial, patient safety, and supply chain areas. While programs, such as UHC's Imperatives for Quality and the UHC/AACN Nurse Residency Program™ offer opportunities for knowledge sharing and education, list servers allow country-wide members to share information and demonstrate the power of collaboration.

University HealthSystem Consortium (UHC)

Alliance of academic medical centers and their affiliated hospitals


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March, 2011

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Hitachi Universal Storage Platform V, Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning software

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Hitachi Data Systems (HDS)

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