The Benefits: For the Company and for the Greater Good

Managing and Mitigating Public Safety

The NY Waterway project represents a modern approach to managing and mitigating public safety concerns.

Innovative Implementation

A.A.S Technologies began implementing the multifaceted solution over two years ago. “We are continuing to tweak and upgrade over time. The original project involved significant effort and coordination. We were running antennas along the channels and setting up a point-to-point network to communicate with boat antennas. We dealt with very demanding radio frequency issues, because of the location and nearby airports and constantly changing sight lines in a densely populated area. We deployed the Hitachi devices all over the place to handle video compression and save on bandwidth,” Sookoo details.

“The lack of access to comprehensive quality and real-time information can be one of the greatest barriers to safer, smarter public security. The technologies in our project enabled us to eliminate so many barriers.”

Sharing and Collaboration

Hitachi Visualization Suite is a unified platform that runs in the cloud and is completely Web-based. As a result of using HVS, NY Waterway has gained the proficiencies for accessing and sharing their security assets with other agencies, anytime, anywhere. Benefits of interagency and multijurisdictional cooperation include faster response times and more collaborative strategies.

Video feed and real-time dashboard controls are key components for incident verification and evidentiary use as well. NY Waterway is easily able to decide how, when and with whom to share information.

Reliability and Situational Awareness

Emergency preparedness calls for reliable, consistent procedures and technologies. There are several VMSs in use at NY Waterway. As with any disparate environment, there was a lack of consistency across login protocols, which in turn often lengthened the time required to find the desired footage. Now, the AIS and multiple VMSs are seamlessly integrated. Hitachi Visualization simplified login and retrieval, enabling NY Waterway to access feed from anywhere and promptly identify and reduce potential threats. “Security situational awareness is a very high priority for us, and for our customers. Year after year, when we survey our customers, it’s about safety. They feel safe on our vessels and once they make it to our terminals, they consider themselves home,” says Donald Liloia, senior vice president of Billybey Ferry Company.

We deployed the Hitachi devices all over the place to handle video compression and save on bandwidth.

Anil Sookoo, Principal, A.A.S Technologies

On the Horizon

For NY Waterway, the horizon includes new dashboard amenities. Video playback features and the ability to monitor fuel on any of its ferries will further enhance visibility and response.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio recently announced big plans to expand the city’s waterway transportation to include areas not presently available for ferry service. New landing docks and terminals are planned, and Sookoo hopes it means more innovative public safety solutions like the one now operating at NY Waterway.

New York Waterway

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February, 2016

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