The Challenge: Get All Hands – and Tech – on Deck

NY Waterway envisioned a centralized yet mobile method to view and communicate with boats, regardless of where they were located. The hope was to improve connectivity across the water, while enabling video feed from boat camera to be remotely viewable at any time.

All Hands and Tech on Deck

Anil Sookoo, principal of A.A.S Technologies, a voice, data and security integrator, regularly works with a camera manufacturing company. “We had the idea to pull in a wireless mesh network expert that uses antennas on moving vessels and on shore to help communicate data. Shortly thereafter, we had another great idea to bring in Pantascene, now part of Hitachi Visualization, for its cloud-based and dashboard-controlled integration of all the systems,” Sookoo explains.

The single solution was not the ordinary mix of technologies and providers, but it proved to be the right one. This composite of vendors put together a proof-of-concept demonstration for NY Waterway. They demonstrated how video can be both pushed to and pulled from vessel cameras; how public announcements and IP pages can be made across all boats and terminals at once; and how boat camera video can be viewed anytime and remotely. The demo offered something different and more complete than other proposals.

“This solution enhances our security by integrating our cameras, our DVRs, our wireless antennas into one central communication system. It also gives us the flexibility to stay on board and see what is going on in real time on our vessels,” says Jonathan Figueroa, director of facilities for Billybey Ferry Company, one of two companies that comprise NY Waterway. “We see opportunities to further enhance public safety and track vessel telemetry. The possibilities are endless.”

New York Waterway

Government: Public Transportation and Public Safety


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February, 2016

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Hitachi Visualization Platform (gateways) & Suite

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