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NY Waterway Collaborates With Technology Innovators for Safer, Smarter Ferry Operations

NY Waterway is America’s largest privately owned commuter ferry company. It operates 35 vessels and carries over 8 million passengers per year along a 100-mile corridor of New York Harbor and the Hudson and East Rivers. Public safety is always a top priority. By deploying a highly innovative and integrated solution that includes Hitachi Visualization, NY Waterway gained real-time visibility and communication across terminals and ferries.

New York City

Just as taxicabs are ubiquitous on New York City streets, ferries in the harbor and rivers are integral to getting people where they need to go. NY Waterway is the fastest and easiest mode of transportation to and from Manhattan. Beforethe area bridges were constructed, ferries were the only way to get on and off the island. In 1986, Arthur Imperatore and his family launched their ferry service with the first NY Waterway boat. Since then, NY Waterway has carried more than 200 million passengers and is operated by Port Imperial Ferry Company and Billybey Ferry Company.

Traveling by ferry can have its challenges due to harsh seasonal weather conditions. NY Waterway works to ensure safe passage for every rider, every time. Some years back, video cameras were installed on the boats and in terminals to provide data in the event of an incident. An automatic identification system (AIS) was also employed to track the location of each boat electronically. The AIS runs on local servers. Unfortunately, there was not a cohesive way to view video in real time, and cameras were continually subjected to diverse temperatures, adverse lighting conditions and water spray. Consequently, cameras were not always reliable. Additionally, finding and keeping IP or phone connectivity while aboard vessels has long been an issue. This is mainly due to the fact that telecommunications providers do not always have complete coverage across water.

NY Waterway wanted to find a modern unified solution for gaining real-time and remote visibility across its operations. The answer came in a highly integrated and innovative assemblage of technologies and ideas.

NY Waterway


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Hitachi Visualization Platform (gateways)


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Benefits at a Glance

  • Real-time monitoring and communication across moving vehicles and throughout terminals
  • Integration of disparate data and video systems.
  • Single-dashboard visibility
  • Interagency collaboratin capabilities.
  • Smarter, Safer Waterways.

We have helped develop [with Hitachi] a very holistic environment for public safety and preparedness. NY Waterway can more quickly and accurately respond to an event that might be occurring on the water or in a terminal.

Anil Sookoo, Principal, A.A.S Technologies

New York Waterway

Government: Public Transportation and Public Safety


Release Date:
February, 2016

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