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Making a Big Difference in STEM Education through the Small World of Nanoscience

President Obama has made improving STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education in the U.S. a focal point of his administration. Behind his call to action, the President has earmarked over $400 million in his 2014 budget request to Congress to be put toward STEM programs. The President has also called on the business community to join him in promoting STEM education initiatives that will lead to more resources for teachers and more engagement among students.

Across the country, educators and the business community are responding with innovative programs to improve student performance in STEM. Specific programs are also being developed to generate more interest in STEM careers among female and minority students who are under-represented in these fields.

While careers in STEM fields offer students more job opportunities and better salaries, the number of new graduates entering STEM fields is lagging far behind the number of available and projected job opportunities in these specialties.

In this video: Craig Kerkove, Executive Vice President, Hitachi High Technologies, and others talk about how Hitachi’s TM3000 is helping to improve STEM education in the U.S. (2:58) (Interviewed in May 2013)

Working to Fill the Gap in STEM Education: Opportunities for Teachers and Students

Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc. (HTA), headquartered in Pleasanton, CA, has answered the President’s call to action with a program that is making the exciting world of nanoscience accessible to students from elementary school through graduate school.

HTA is also working with several nonprofit partners including Change the Equation (CTEq), a non-profit, non-partisan, CEO led initiative started in response to President Obama’s “Educate to Innovate” campaign; the National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network, a consortium of some of the country’s leading universities that runs extensive education programs related to nanotechnology for school-aged students through adults; Biolink, a national advanced technological education center that works primarily with community colleges that are preparing the technical workforce; and the Mid-Continent Research for Education and Learning (McREL), a nonprofit education research and development center that provides practical guidance to teachers working in grades K-16.

In this video: Robert Gordon, Senior Executive, Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc., and others discuss how Hitachi’s program of loaning its TM3000 microscope to educational institutions across the county is helping to fill a resource gap in STEM education. (1:57)
(Interviewed in May 2013)

Why is Learning About Nanoscience Important?

Dr. Nancy Healy is the Education Director of the National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network, and she has been working closely with executives at Hitachi High Technologies America to bring the TM3000 to teacher conferences and into classrooms. According to Dr. Healy, nanoscience will be the next technological revolution, and it will impact nearly every aspect of our lives. Even though nanotechnology plays a key role in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, the development of increasingly smaller smart telecommunications electronics and many other industries, it is a field that most students, teachers and adults know little about.

There has been a lot of concern that we are not getting enough students interested in going into STEM careers. . 

Dr. Nancy Healy, Education Director, National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network

Hitachi High-Technologies Brazil joins a pioneering project featuring a portable, compact and easy-to-use microscope

Inspiring youth to learn Science doing Science

Upon a survey on new technologies, SESI/SENAI-SP saw the Nanotechnology as an opportunity of investment in knowledge and a stimulus on youth education. The project Nanomundo (Nanoworld) uses TM3000 Microscope to bring teaching concepts and high technology experiments, showing the importance of sciences today and in the future.

National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network



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December, 2013

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