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Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc. is clearly making an impact on improving STEM education in the U.S. with its electron microscope program. To date, more than 100 educational institutions have taken advantage of the opportunity to borrow the TM3000 microscope. Additionally, Hitachi’s educator-curated website,, has an active community of followers and contributors and the usage of its content is continuing to grow.

Teachers Feel the TM3000 is an Asset in the Classroom

Teachers who have had the TM3000 in their classrooms and access to the website agree that both have been beneficial to their students. Students who have used the TM3000 in class have studied everything from forensics to analyzing the compounds in makeup. Being able to choose the samples they want to view and to run the machine themselves has been especially exciting.

Making the microscope and this curriculum accessible to the students is really critical for us. . 

Dave Menshew, a high school teacher who has used Hitachi’s TM3000 to teach his students forensics

In this video: Hitachi is committed to loaning its TM3000 microscope to educational institutions across the country. This program is having a positive impact on both teachers and students. (1:37) (Interviewed in June 2013)

Students are drawn to the microscope thanks to its ease of use. Many students are already comfortable with touch screen technology thanks to the widespread availability of tablets and smartphones. As such, it takes very little time for them to quickly and easily learn how to utilize the microscope’s touch screen features to adjust magnification levels and to manipulate their samples.

Educators recognize and appreciate the business community’s involvement

We will never address what we need to in terms of scale and work force preparation without the active engagement and very thoughtful contributions from the business community. . 

Tim Waters, Ed.D., President and Chief Executive Officer, Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning

After observing teachers and students using the microscope at a summer education workshop, Tim Waters, Ed.D., President and Chief Executive Officer, Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning said, "Not only is this about advancing practitioner knowledge about NANO science and their strategies for delivering. It is also about motivating teachers to be excited about, to want to do more with STEM initiatives. The relationship with Hitachi and the other corporate sponsors of this program have brought so much to that dimension both in terms of the technical skills of teachers and the resources with which they have to work but also how it motivates teachers to want to learn more and do more and for students to be excited about being involved in STEM education. It is extraordinary, it matters and in the long run it is going to make a significant difference in the quality of STEM education."

Bringing advanced technology to the classroom

When Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc. (HTA) came out with the TM3000, its highly portable and easy to use scanning electron microscope, the company soon realized that the microscope’s small size, durability and intuitive operation made it ideally suited to classroom use. Designed mainly for use in pharmaceutical companies, medical institutions and research facilities, the microscope could be an engaging teaching tool, but one that was outside of the scope of a school system budget. But the company was committed to advance science education in the U.S. and to help teachers and students.

We have been selling this product to industries, but we know that schools generally don’t have access to this type of technology. So we decided that if we could bring the microscopes to the schools, it would really benefit STEM education and we could use this to support and contribute to society. . 

Masahiro Miyazaki, President, Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc.

The company soon set aside several microscopes that it could loan out to schools, colleges, universities and summer camps, giving students and teachers the opportunity to utilize this exciting piece of advanced scientific equipment right in their classrooms.

What Future Plans Does HTA Have For This Program?

In this video: Education experts and teachers talk about how beneficial it is to have Hitachi’s TM3000 in the classroom and how grateful they are for the support of the business community. Hitachi executives discuss their pride in and dedication to this CSR program. (1:55)
(Interviewed in May, June and August 2013)

Robert Gordon concludes, “Hitachi High Technologies America would like to continue this program and we would like to see this program grow throughout the U.S. market and for us to become more aligned with other companies and with universities and national labs to continue to promote STEM education and STEM initiatives in the U.S. market.”

About HTA’s Educational Outreach Program

STEM education is critical to the future of our country. By 2018, experts predict the U.S. will have 1.2 million job openings in STEM-related occupations—but only 200,000 new graduates will have the skills to fill them. Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc. is working to inspire a new generation of achievement in STEM education by loaning its TM3000 scanning electron microscope to schools and universities around the country. In addition, a website was created to provide teachers who don’t have access to the microscope with lesson plans, learning modules and other teaching tools they can use to teach nanoscience in their classrooms.

Hitachi High-Technologies Brazil joins a pioneering project featuring a portable, compact and easy-to-use microscope

Inspiring youth to learn Science doing Science

Upon a survey on new technologies, SESI/SENAI-SP saw the Nanotechnology as an opportunity of investment in knowledge and a stimulus on youth education. The project Nanomundo (Nanoworld) uses TM3000 Microscope to bring teaching concepts and high technology experiments, showing the importance of sciences today and in the future.

National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network



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