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In this video: Education experts talk about the underrepresentation of women and minorities in the STEM fields, how challenging it is to retain student interest in the STEM subjects, and the job opportunities that will continue to be available in STEM-related fields. (2:40) (Interviewed in June 2013)

Portability and Easy Operation Make the TM3000 Ideal for Classroom Use

When Hitachi miniaturized its scanning electron microscope, the company realized that its revolutionary product had novel uses it had not previously considered. The TM3000’s small size and portability meant that the microscope could travel to students, rather than having students travel to use it, eliminating geography as a barrier to using the microscope.

With the introduction of our tabletop microscope, we now have the ability to take the product anywhere throughout the U.S. market. . 

Bob Gordon, Senior Executive, Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc.

In discussing how the TM3000’s characteristics have made it ideal for classroom use, Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc. senior executive Bob Gordon said, "We've always had a prominent laboratory in different parts of the country and we always invited local high schools and local middle schools to come and to see what we do. But we could not move these products around freely because they take dedicated rooms or dedicated power. With the TM3000, we can put it in a car, drive it wherever we need to and wheel it in to any educational institution and it really opens up a lot of doors for us."

In this video: Hitachi distributors and others discuss how easy and portable Hitachi’s TM3000 is which makes it ideal for classroom use. Hitachi is also hosting an educator-curated website,, that can be used to teach nanoscience, with or without the ability to have the microscope in the classroom. (2:20) (Interviewed in May and June 2013)

A website adds additional educational value

The website we created is purely for educators and teachers to use. . 

Robert Gordon, Senior Executive, Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc.

The addition of the website has added significantly to the breadth and reach of HTA’s program to advance the study of nanoscience. The website was designed to be used either with or without the ability to have the TM3000 in the classroom. The website is also free of any promotional information about HTA and was designed solely as a teaching tool for educators. All of the content is developed by educators, and HTA’s role is to simply host the site and to answer inquiries about reserving a microscope through the loan program. Realizing that teachers might feel intimidated by the subject matter or lack the time to develop new lesson plans around nanoscience, HTA has enlisted professional educators to develop learning modules and lesson plans for students of all grade levels.

A deceptively powerful piece of equipment

Despite its small size, the TM3000 is a very advanced, high sophisticated piece of equipment. Indeed, to some, the microscope’s small size and usability has initially caused some customers to question the instrument’s sophistication. Any doubt in the regard, though, is quickly dispelled when people get a chance to use it.

It has remarkable resolution and unbelievable flexibility. . 

Nancy Weaver, CEO, Left Coast Instruments, Inc.

Nancy Weaver, CEO, Left Coast Instruments, Inc. distributes the microscope for Hitachi. She says, "It is a very straight forward, very easy to use tool. It was designed as a cross-over piece between light microscopy and high end electron microscopy where a person who has little experience with an electron microscope can sit down and get up and running in about half an hour."

Robert Gordon: We want to accomplish being involved and help kids get inspired about STEM education, help teachers get more involved and utilize us as a good resource. We have uploaded thousands of images seen under the microscope onto the website, but the learning modules and content is all developed by teachers and educators for them to share and utilize among each other.

Helping teachers and students feel comfortable

While the microscope might look too simple to potential customers, it still seems intimidating to teachers and helping them get comfortable with it is a critical step that has to happen so they will bring it and the study of nanotechnology into the classroom. One of the ways HTA accomplishes this is to demonstrate the TM3000 at educator conferences and professional development workshops.

In this video: The TM3000’s portability means that it can be brought to classrooms, education conferences and even summer camps across the country. Having the equipment demonstrated at education conferences and having the ability to use it themselves makes teachers more comfortable about the idea of building the study of nanoscience into curriculum. Students also enjoy operating the microscope independently. (1:53) (Interviewed in June and August 2013

Hitachi High-Technologies Brazil joins a pioneering project featuring a portable, compact and easy-to-use microscope

Inspiring youth to learn Science doing Science

Upon a survey on new technologies, SESI/SENAI-SP saw the Nanotechnology as an opportunity of investment in knowledge and a stimulus on youth education. The project Nanomundo (Nanoworld) uses TM3000 Microscope to bring teaching concepts and high technology experiments, showing the importance of sciences today and in the future.

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