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Are you looking for more information about your Hitachi products? Do you need assistance in finding the best solution for your business needs? Browse the categories below to find out more about Hitachi’s high-end range of consumer and business products, solutions and services. You can ask questions and give feedback on any of Hitachi’s products and solutions to help us serve you better.

Caution! Recently we have learned of an e-mail scam where the scammer is impersonating Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc. and its President as part of a fictitious debt-collection matter. 

This email solicitation is a scam and does not have any connection with Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc. or any of its affiliates. None of these e-mails are official Hitachi e-mails or offers and we do not accept any responsibility arising from these e-mails.

If you have any questions, please contact us via the inquiry form.

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Get support, product details and other information about Hitachi’s exclusive range of consumer products.

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Hitachi customer representatives provide support for all products that you may need. Fill in the Hitachi inquiries form to send your questions related to Hitachi products and services.

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For Consumer Products Support in North America, call 1-800-448-2244.