Contact Us for Hi-functional & Advanced Materials Support

Hitachi manufactures best-in-class high functional and advanced materials that facilitate seamless integration of multiple industrial applications. Visit the pages listed below for customer support and contact information in this category.

Advanced Materials & Components Support

Hitachi utilizes cutting-edge technologies to develop advanced materials and components for the leading manufacturers of automotive, digital TV & video and renewable energy products. Contact us by using the Inquiry Pages below.

Products Contact Information
Electronics Related Products
Advanced Performance Products
Advanced Materials
Hard Disk Manufacturing Systems
Amorphous & Finemet Materials
Automotive Castings
Amorphous & Finemet Materials
Ceramic Materials
Cutting Tools
MFC (Mass Flow Controller) & Flow Products
Soft Ferrites
Specialty Steel
Interconnect Materials for Photovoltaic Cells
Target Materials for CIGS Photovoltaic Cells
Amorphous Cut Cores
Distribution Transformer Electrical Steel
Pulse Power Cores
Brazing Foil
Nanocrystalline Foil
Cables and Connectivity

Rolls & Sensors Support

Hitachi has supplied rolls to more than 90% of steel makers in North America. It is also the leader in the sensors industry, producing a comprehensive range of sensor devices that utilize the latest technologies. Follow the links below to get in touch with Hitachi’s rolls and sensors support team.

Products Contact Information
Cast & Forged Rolls
GMR (Giant Magneto-resistive) Sensors
Manufacturing Devices
SinterMet Rolls

Magnets Support

Hitachi is a leading supplier of magnets and magnetic materials worldwide. To get support and information for Hitachi’s magnets, visit the relevant Inquiry Page below.

Products Contact Information
Permanent Magnets
NEOMAX® Series Nd-Fe-B Sintered Magnets
Magnetic Materials

Semiconductor Materials Support

Hitachi offers a comprehensive range of semiconductor materials and products for diverse industrial applications. Follow the link below to get in touch with our support team.

Products Contact Information
Semiconductor Metrology Equipment
Semiconductor Etch Equipment
Semiconductor Components