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Hitachi is globally recognized for providing the best-in-class industrial equipment and innovative infrastructure solutions. Choose from the categories below and contact us by visiting our dedicated product inquiry pages.

Infrastructure Machinery Support

Hitachi offers a complete lineup of infrastructure machinery that includes transportation systems, water treatment equipment, environmental products and thermal processing solutions. Follow the links below to contact our support team with your infrastructure machinery related questions.

Products Contact Information
Precision Amplifiers for Motor Control
Medium Voltage AC Drives (Industrial Inverters)
Industrial Process Gas Compressors
Power Semiconductors & Micro Devices
Water Treatment Equipment
Elevators & Escalators

Industrial Components & Equipment Support

Hitachi is a world-acclaimed manufacturer of advanced industrial components and equipment for food and beverage processing units, pharmaceutical plants, chemical plants and more. For sales information and customer support, visit the pages below.

Products Contact Information

AC Drives Inverters - Low Voltage AC Drives (Industrial Inverters)

Industrial Blowers

Industrial Hoists

Industrial Inkjet Printers

Industrial Control Systems and Products

Marking / Coding Products

Motors - Industrial Submersible Pump Motors

Metglas® Amorphous Metal Materials - Distribution Transformers

Performance Cables & Components Support

Hitachi provides high-performance cables and components for different markets such as telecommunication, industrial, audio/visual, medical and others. Visit the pages listed below for sales and support information for our performance cables and components products.

Products Contact Information
New Products
Premise Cable
Ribbon/Flat Cable
Fiber Optic Cable & Furcation Tubing
Electronic Round Cable
Direct Attach Cables
Optical Transceivers and AOCs
Medical Equipment Technologies
Harsh Environment & Industrial Ethernet Solutions
Advanced Materials
Robotic Flat Cables

Air Compressors Support

Our industrial compressors are highly reputed for high performance, reliability and durability. Ranging from portable, stationary, oil free and oil flooded compressors, our products are backed by professional customer support. Browse through the links below to contact our support team with you industrial compressor needs.

Products Contact Information
Portable Compressors - Oil Flooded
Portable Compressors - Oil Free
Stationary Compressors - Oil Flooded
Stationary Compressors - Oil Free

Industrial Solutions Support

In-sync with the latest industry trends, Hitachi industrial solutions help manufacturers across sectors promote innovation. Our solutions include cutting-edge technologies and services for manufacturing process and energy optimization, amongst others. For more information, visit the links listed below to contact our dedicated support team.

Products Contact Information
Photoelectron Spectrophotometers - AC-2
Hitachi Magnetrons
Nippon Signal ECO SCAN optical scanner ESS112
Nippon Signal ECO SCAN optical scanner ESS115
Nippon Signal MEMS 3D laser sensor
Nippon Signal PixelSoleil
Roll-to-Roll Wet Coating Equipment
Hitachi Optimized Factory

ICT Solutions Support

Through a series of smart business applications and innovative ICT infrastructure solutions, Hitachi Hightech facilitates better management of storage conditions. Explore our complete range of ICT solutions, share your requirements and get a custom solution for your unique enterprise needs, contact our support team now.

Products Contact Information
HiQ eSystems® Glacier Remote Environmental Temperature Sensor System
HiQ eSystems® Storm Remote Environmental Sensor for Humidity and Temperature
HiQ eSystems® Access System
HiQ eSystems® Avatar
WAN Accelerator GX-1000

Iron Castings Support

Hitachi iron castings find use in a number of markets including light truck, commercial vehicles, agriculture, construction and some other industrial sectors. If you are looking for more specific information, use the links given below to contact our support team with your unique requirements.

Products Contact Information
Light Vehicles
Commercial Vehicles
Off Highway