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Hitachi’s information technology solutions enable businesses to translate their business agendas into successful IT initiatives. Please visit our support pages within the categories listed below to get contact details for Hitachi information technology solutions.

Cloud Support

Hitachi provides a variety of flexible, open and trusted cloud solutions that help enterprises drive new revenue opportunities, deploy cloud faster and reduce risk. For more information on our cloud technology, contact our cloud support team at the link provided below.

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Cloud Object Platform
Cloud Services
Cloud Application and Data Services
Enterprise Cloud
Hybrid Cloud
Hitachi Smart Cloud Solutions

Information Security Solutions Support

Hitachi provides advanced Secure Data Sharing (SDS) and Drive Control (DC) solutions that enable clients to mitigate the risk of data loss and manage data and endpoint security. Contact Hitachi information security solutions support division by using the Inquiry Pages below.

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Identity Management Solutions
Managed Security Services
Professionals Services
GRC Framework
Data Protection Services
Modern Data Protection

Internet of Things Support

Hitachi leverages its wealth of resources in people, capital, patents and partners to provide industry-best IoT solutions for cities, industries and businesses. Contact our IoT support team and discover more about our expertise in IoT.

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Smart Cities
Industrial IoT
Energy IoT
Video Security and Monitoring
Hitachi IoT Appliance
IoT Analytics
Video Management Platform
Video Analytics
Hitachi Visualization Suite
Hitachi Live Stream
Hitachi Predictive Maintenance
Hitachi Smart Spaces & Video Intelligence
IoT Service Hub

Converged Infrastructure Support

We, at Hitachi, leverage our deep expertise in converged systems to help enterprises take-on modern IT infrastructure challenges and accelerate pace of digital transformation. Contact our converged infrastructure support team today to learn more about our services and support.

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Virtualized Environments
Business Applications
Hyperconverged Infrastructure
Orchestration and Automation
Hitachi Unified Compute Platform HC Series
Infrastructure Services
Hitachi Unified Compute Platform CI Series
Hitachi Unified Compute Platform RS Series
Converged Management Software
Agile Data Infrastructure

Storage Support

Hitachi provides a world-class portfolio of flash and storage solutions that help enterprises around the world accelerate the pace of digital transformation while reducing costs and simplifying storage environment. For more information, contact our storage support team today.

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All-Flash Storage
Hybrid Flash Storage
Network Attached Storage
Object Storage
Storage Management
Mainframe Storage
Big Data Integration and Analytics
Big Data Analytics Services
Network Attached Storage
Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform F Series
Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System RF
NVME Storage
Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G Series
Hitachi NAS Platform


Hitachi is the leading provider of diversified range of networking solutions including rack servers, backup & recovery, information network system, business continuity and disaster recovery. Our networking solutions along with other systems offer enterprises a seamless journey towards digital transformation. Contact our Networking Support Team for more information.

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Rack Servers
Server Management
Backup & Recovery
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
Long-Term Data Retention
Information Network System

Data Center Management

Hitachi is the leading provider of data center management solutions to enterprises across various industry sectors. Our data center management solutions not only optimize and automate the data, but also keep it secure with the latest AI powered operations. Get in touch with our team to explore more about Hitachi Data Center Management.

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IT Analytics
Hitachi Automation Director

SAP Services

Hitachi’s portfolio of SAP services helps organizations weed out the non-essential data, thus enhancing the business value. We work with our clients to utilize the potential of SAP environment and eventually create a roadmap to overcome the complexities. For further information about Hitachi SAP services, get in contact with our experts.

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Technical Services
Run Management Service
Cloud Delivered
Services for non-SAP environments