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Hitachi offers patient-focused medical equipment for key medical disciplines, including diagnostic imaging equipment, in-vitro diagnostics, treatment and bioinformatics. Get support, service and contact information for Hitachi’s complete range of and life sciences products by using the Inquiry Pages listed below.

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Hitachi strives to continuously move towards its goal of making this world a better place to live in by offering world class healthcare services and Proton Beam Therapy is one such endeavor in this direction. For further information on Hitachi’s Proton Beam Therapy system, contact our support team.

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Particle Therapy System

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For over 50 years Hitachi has been the leading manufacturer of next-generation ultrasound consoles and transducers. Follow the link below to contact Hitachi ultrasound consoles & transducers support team.

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ProSound Alpha 7
ProSound F37
ProSound F75

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Hitachi’s advanced life sciences equipment and diagnostics instruments answer the specific needs of the scientific community. Visit the Inquiry Pages below and get your questions about our life sciences & diagnostics products answered.

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Allergic Assays & Instruments
Life Sciences Equipment

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Hitachi provides world-class medical diagnostic imaging solutions to hospitals and healthcare centers worldwide. Contact medical imaging systems support team by visiting the Inquiry Page below.

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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Systems
Computed Tomography (CT) Systems
Optical Topography Systems
X Ray
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Components

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Hitachi utilizes the latest medical technologies to develop advanced medical materials that meet the need of transmission reliability. Visit the link below to contact Hitachi’s dedicated technologies and materials support team.

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Medical Cables, Fibers & Materials
Medical Tubing
Secondary Operations for Tubing
Medical Device Assembly
Medical Machining & Assembly Fabrication
Medical Cable Solution
Hitachi Smart Healthcare
Product Engineering Services
Healthcare Data Solution