IT Infrastructure & Solutions

IT Infrastructure & Solutions

Hitachi’s Information Technology Services and Solutions are tailored for the critical mission challenges our government clients face. We enable organizations to translate their goals into IT initiatives, and help them be more agile. Deploying innovative Hitachi IT products and services streamlines administrative processes, increases productivity, and accrue more value from government investments on IT infrastructure.

Hitachi Data Systems Federal Corporation

Innovative, Scalable, Reliable

Hitachi Data Systems Federal provides technology solutions that enable government agencies to extend the useable life of their IT infrastructure. By engineering technologies from the ground up, HDS Federal offers agencies greater reliability and scalability, while reducing total cost of ownership in budget conscious environments.

Our industry leading virtualization and storage solutions enable 100 percent data availability wherever and whenever agencies need it. Whether building the pathway to the cloud or consolidating data centers, HDS Federal provides our customers with one platform for all missions in an age of disparate IT systems.

At HDS Federal, we implement data solutions that not only meet the needs of the government today, but more importantly, the government of tomorrow.

Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G Series

Get IT agility and ability that defy expectations.

Flash-optimized virtual storage platforms deliver high performance, resiliency and a software-defined infrastructure for faster innovation and improved business outcomes.

Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G Series

Hitachi Content Platform

Security and Freedom in One Solution

Grab control over unbridled data growth and silos and make your enterprise data securely available to users anywhere, anytime.

Gain Visibility and Control Across Devices, Clouds and Storage Tiers

  • Securely and cost-effectively deliver differentiated private, public and hybrid cloud services while lowering costs by as much as 60%
  • Easily support diverse use cases, spanning archive to cloud and beyond, with a flexible storage ecosystem
  • Gain insight and fuel innovation; increase productivity, speed e-discovery, and analyze and extract content as users need it

Hitachi Content Platform

Unified Compute Platform (UCP)

Single Solution, Multiple Benefits

Modernizing Your Infrastructure is More Than an IT Fix. With a Reliable Partner, Your Path to Succeed in the Digital Economy is Much Easier.

Improve mission agility by running your cloud environment on a converged infrastructure. Respond to changes in your agency’s needs by quickly deploying new applications and services in your cloud environment on a converged infrastructure.

  • Runs all environments: Supports a wide range of workloads, applications and hypervisors.
  • Industry-leading automation: Increases operational efficiency to reduce operating expenses with a single, infrastructure management tool.
  • The best price-to-performance ratio: Supports mission-critical applications and delivers on SLAs, every time.
  • Unbeatable reliability: Means you can count on the No. 1 rated server and storage technologies, with legendary Hitachi quality



Hitachi Data Systems

Hitachi Visualization for Public Safety

Hitachi Visualization for Public Safety

Hitachi Visualization allows for the management of data from public safety, smart city and operational systems.

Hitachi Visualization is a comprehensive, 2-part solution. It consists of Hitachi Visualization Platform (HVP) intelligent edge-capture devices and video management platforms and Hitachi Visualization Suite (HVS), an integrated cloud and mobile software platform. HVS enables correlation of disparate data and video systems in a user-friendly Web interface. HVS provides real time access to all data via selectable layers, such as: gunshot detection, license-plate recognition (LPR), video-management system, access control, computer aided dispatch (CAD) or 911 systems, radioactive isotope detection, radar and so forth. Hitachi Visualization is a highly scalable solution used by leading government agencies and forward thinking public safety agencies around the world.

Video Management Platform

The video management platform (see Figure 1) is a turnkey hardware platform that is optimized for video management and storage. It stands above other legacy architectures in that it does not scale-out, but delivers memory and CPU on demand. Typically, for every recorder added, manufacturers recommend an additional server for added memory and CPU. This can get very expensive. Recording video is not very memory or CPU intensive, it’s storage centric. Our platform architecture leverages Hitachi hardware; such as compute racks and Hitachi Unified Storage (HUS), powered by VMware to build a solution for a fully redundant video management platform. This unique combination allows for adequate memory and CPU without having to buy a new server every time a recorder is added. The video management platform supports all major video management software suppliers like Milestone, OnSSI, Genetec, and Verint. Along with the redundant servers, there are two SAN FibreChannel switches on the back end making it 100% redundant and supporting High Availability (HA) and Fault Tolerance (FT) for the video management system. This solution can scale from 150 to thousands of cameras. It supports high Input/Output Operations per Second (IOPS) standards with large bandwidth capabilities.

Figure 1. Video management platform architecture


Hitachi Communication Technologies America, Inc.

Hitachi Communication Technologies

Hitachi Communication Technologies America, Inc., headquartered in Richardson, Texas, provides solutions for the information and communication technologies (ICT) market. Solutions include: virtualized evolved packet core (EPC) for mobile networks; network analytics; wireless small cell solutions; and, AeroMACS solutions. The company has served customers in the USA for more than 40 years.

Virtual Mobile Core

Designed for the Telco Cloud, Hitachi’s Virtual Mobile Core is a fully virtualized evolved packet core (EPC) that that has been optimized to deliver superior performance with multidimensional scalability, elasticity and geo-diversity. A fully featured, carrier-grade solution, it is ideal for the emerging LTE Public Safety deployments.

AeroMACS Solution

Hitachi provides end-to-end WiMAX solution to wireless operators, including ASN-GW and base stations. These products have been enhanced to operate in the spectrum assigned for AeroMACS.


Hitachi Cable America Inc.

Designs and manufactures high-performance copper and fiber optic cables at their Manchester, New Hampshire facility. With expertise in building cables for high-end electronics and high-speed data applications, commitment to quality, and whether stock or custom cables, Hitachi Cable America (HCA) has the experience, tools, and capacity to make every project for the federal government a success that it was designed to be. HCA has provided cabling to US military bases and federal agencies. Cables are designed to exceed the most stringent ANSI, UL and CSA requirements, all premise and fiber optic cables comply with TIA and ISO telecommunications cabling standards.

Life Time Warranty. Certified Installation Team.

All copper and fiber optic cables are made in the USA, at our modern 300,000 square foot facility located in Manchester, NH.

Fiber Optical Cable

Fiber Optical Cables

Indoor Fiber
  • Interconnect, Single Unit, Multiunit, NanoCore, Armored, LSZH
Indoor/Outdoor Fiber
  • Tight Buffered, Central Tube, Loose Tube, Armored
Outdoor Fiber
  • Loose Tube, Armored

Copper Premise Cable

Copper Premise Cable

Category 3, 5e, 6, 6A, 7, 7A
  • Riser & Plenum, High pair count, Shielded & unshielded, Special Application, Composite


Cable Assemblies

Category 3, 5e, 6, 6A, 7, 7A
  • Riser & Plenum, High pair count, Shielded & unshielded, Special Application, Composite