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As the largest roll maker from Japan, Hitachi rolling products cater to different needs of industries across the world. Our Wakamatsu Foundry is the famed manufacturer of cast rolls for flat rolling and long products. Proudly, they excel as the world’s only supplier of Continuous Pouring Clad or CPC rolls. Home to the world’s third largest forge press, our Katsuta Foundry manufactures forge rolls for flat rolling steel and aluminum. Hitachi offers a diverse range of sensor products, including the popular digital compass and magnetic encoders. In addition, we also have a magnificent display of Giant Magneto-Resistive (GMR) sensors.

Cast & Forged Rolls

Cast & Forged Rolls

Hitachi special cast steel rolls are tougher than conventional cast rolls, owing to their lower carbon content. Our cast steel rolls are appropriate for heat and heavy rolling loads, and are suitable for work rolls and back-up rolls.

We offer a huge selection of forged work and back-up rolls. These include aluminum-forged rolls, backup rolls, cold mill rolls, Hi-TF rolls, intermediate rolls, sendmizer rolls, and other roll samplings.

Learn how manufacturers are processing steel and aluminum worldwide complying with the most efficient, and flawless technology with Hitachi Cast & Forged Rolls.

For honest, direct, and informative support on industrial and automotive products, contact Hitachi Metals America, LLC.

GMR (Giant Magneto-resistive) Sensors

GMR (Giant Magneto-resistive) Sensors

Hitachi develops and manufactures spectacular magnetic sensor devices, such as Giant magneto-resistive (GMR) sensors that offer high magnetic sensitivity. These GMR Sensors find their application in a variety of markets, including rotary and linear magnetic encoders.

Discover how Hitachi GMR Sensors are leading the international market for this segment.

For additional support on GMR Sensors with exceptional range of electronic and magnetic products, contact Hitachi Metals America, LLC.

SinterMet Rolls

SinterMet Rolls

With its unmatched quality and exceptional performance, SinterMet rolls are considered the most superior rolls in the industry. Built for longevity, our world-class SinterMet rolls deliver hitch-free performance in all types of rod and bar mills. As an added plus, our roll customization process ensures great benefits from phenomenal engineering solutions delivered for special operating parameters unique to your business.

Learn more about our products and customization support by visiting SinterMet Rolls.

Make your manufacturing process run smoother and flawlessly by contacting SinterMet Rolls support staff at SinterMet, LLC.

Manufacturing Devices

Manufacturing Devices

Hitachi offers a range of GMR Sensor products for the manufacturing devices industry. Suitable for Linear & Rotary Encoders and Motion & Position Detection Sensors, our distinctive manufacturing devices act as a driving force that helps society achieve sustainable growth.

Discover the entire product catalogue of Hitachi Manufacturing Devices.

For any support regarding manufacturing devices, contact Hitachi Metals America here.

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