Semiconductor Materials

Technological advancements are fluctuating, as customer expectations are increasing and becoming more complex. High power silicon wafers and materials are indispensable for the manufacturing of semiconductors, as full-scale production with high precision is a challenge.

Hitachi proudly presents its highly sophisticated and widely recognized semiconductor materials and solar products that alleviate technology challenges. Our advanced semiconductor technology is designed to surpass the demands of evolving and complicated semiconductor industry guidelines, and, at the same time, exceed international quality standards of excellence.

Semiconductor Metrology Equipment

Semiconductor Metrology Equipment

Hitachi specializes in the production and innovation of semiconductor metrology equipment and solutions. We ensure the unmatched quality of our products with our expertise in metrology equipment engineering. We offer advanced equipment metrology and inspection equipment that integrate circuit manufacturer expediency to ensure the highest yield and satisfaction of our products.

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Semiconductor Components

Semiconductor Components

At Hitachi, we manufacture a diverse and innovative product line for the semiconductor industry, such as target materials and mass flow controllers. These intricate technological products are applied in semiconductor wafer fabrication and manufacturing equipment. With our highest standard semiconductor components, we promise outstanding performance, reliability, and service to the worldwide marketplace.

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Semiconductor Etch Equipment

Hitachi is regarded as a global giant in providing semiconductor etch systems. Our outstanding and dependable range of products includes dry etch chambers and platforms, such as Conductor Etch Systems, Non-Volatile Materials Etch Systems, and Magnetic Head Etch Systems. These cost-efficient etch systems enhance manufacturing efficiency and productivity in future generation processes.

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