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Clarion is the world leader in creating automotive systems that enhance safety, convenience,and comfort   They manufacture a variety of devices that facilitate safer driving,that offer uninterrupted entertainment to passengers, which create a sense of pleasure and comfort. 

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Safe Driving Support System

Safe Driving Support System

Clarion’s Safe Driving Support System, “Bird Eye”, captures images of those angles that are hazardous, such as blind spots or others that are not visible to other drivers. They are then displayed on a monitor inside the vehicle for driving convenience and safety. This system facilitates driving support, and further, provides visibility todrivers seeking parking support, superior and safer navigation, confirmation about passengers alighting, and other important driving features.

To become a defensive and safe driver, visit Clarion’s Safe Driving Support System.

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Audio System

Clarion’s world-class audio system entertains customers all-day long. Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, this rugged, weatherproof audio system offers uninterrupted playback irrespective of terrain or territory. 

Visit Clarion's Audio page to ensure that you have uninterrupted and meaningful entertainment on any road trip.

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