Industrial Components & Equipment

Hitachi’s Industrial Components and Equipment division manufactures and supplies visionary electrical and electronic industrial components and equipment to manufacturers in varied industry markets which include food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, and steel manufacturing. Our extensive range of industrial components and equipment include AC drives and inverters, air conditioning and refrigeration components, industrial control systems and products, hoists, amorphous transformers, and other expansive alternatives.

AC Drives & Inverters - Low Voltage AC Drives (Industrial Inverters)

AC Drives & Inverters

Hitachi is the leading supplier of contemporary industrial inverters or AC variable frequency drives. We developed our strong expertise in manufacturing technologically advanced low-voltage AC drives that excel on performance, promise to be extremely reliable, and prove highly flexible. Our vast line of industrial inverters aims to provide the most economical solutions for the most complex applications with consistency and thoroughness.

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Amorphous Transformers

Amorphous Transformers

Hitachi offers consumers a wide range of high performance amorphous transformers for utilization in varied applications. Our modern and proven expertise in the manufacture of amorphous transformers has initiated resilient products that are technologically advanced and energy efficient. The use of high-quality, recyclable raw materials and state-of-the-art processes have rendered our amorphous metal transformers the best, environment-friendly transformers in the world.

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Industrial Blowers and Air Compressors

Industrial Blowers and Air Compressors

Hitachi’s industrial blowers and air compressors are technologically advanced and are applied to diverse industrial applications. Our extensive range of industrial blowers and compressors, including DSP oil free rotary screw air compressors, SRL oil free scroll air compressors, and vortex blowers, offer immense value in air purity, power, space saving, and high efficiency demands.

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Industrial Hoists

Industrial Hoists

Hitachi has numerous years of experience and high-end technology in its reputation of quality expertise in manufacturing industrial hoists. Our industrial hoists are ideal for industrial material handling needs and possess advanced features. Our chain and rope wire hoists currently have limited availability in the Americas; however, we can accommodate requirements from prospective customers in other parts of the world.

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Industrial Inkjet Printers

Industrial Inkjet Printers

Hitachi industrial inkjet printers are technologically advanced and rich in features such as high-speed marking and coding capabilities. These inkjet printers are widely used across the American marketplace for marking and coding different packaging applications. Our contemporary range of printers supports user’s track and traceability requirements focusing on different attributes and specifications.

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Industrial Control Systems and Products

Industrial Control Systems and Products

Hitachi industrial control systems and products are a product of Hitachi’s extensive and innovative experience of two decades in Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) products, as well as industrial automation and industrial control systems. We have a well-established reputation with solid standing in global sales and services networks to assist with industrial control systems and PLC products.

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Marking/Coding Products

Marking/Coding Products

Hitachi marking and coding products are widely used in several kinds of packaging applications. Our state-of-the-art marking products are equipped with cutting-edge functionality such as, support for end-user track and traceability requirements via barcode serialization, expiration, and date code on any product-packaging surface for identification and easy inventory

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Motors - Industrial Submersible Pump Motors

Industrial Submersible Pump Motors

Hitachi’s expertise in industrial motors dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. What started as a small electric repair shop slowly matured to become the manufacturer of the smallest micro motors.Eventually we took shape as the largest generator sets on the planet. Hitachi’s industrial submersible pump motors are now available in all sizes and power bands to fit all needs and projects.

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Industrial Fittings and Tubing

Industrial Fittings and Tubing

Ward Manufacturing is the leading manufacturer of industrial fittings and tubing. The wide range of industrial fitting products in our realm include bushings, caps, C-clamps, couplings, crosses, elbows, extensions, flanges, laterals, lock nuts, P traps,and other highly specified products. . To facilitate easy availability of our products, we have constructed sales offices and warehouses across the nation.

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