Infrastructure Machinery

Hitachi’s Industrial and Infrastructure Systems Division is dedicated toward the design and development of world-class industrial products and services. Our exquisite infrastructure machinery improves living standards in communities around the world while contributing towards a better quality of life for society.

Consistent with our vision of serving humanity, our state-of-the-art industrial systems and infrastructure equipment address the needs of diverse industries including oil and gas, steel making, mining, transportation, wind turbines, and chemical plants.

Precision Amplifiers for Motor Control

Precision Amplifiers for Motor Control

Performance Controls has a solid reputation of manufacturing cutting-edge PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) amplifiers for motor control which address specific needs and concerns of our clients.

In order to meet the expectations of our global clientele, our engineers relentlessly pursue innovative design solutions for power, precision, and performance in complete synchronization with unique requirements. Our range of precision amplifiers for motor control satisfies the requirements of various industry sectors.

Get insight and knowledge into the diverse applications of Precision Amplifiers for Motor Control.

Visit Performance Controls, Inc. for Precision Amplifier support.

Medium Voltage AC Drives (Industrial Inverters)

Medium Voltage AC Drives

Hitachi is the leading distributor and dealer of medium voltage AC drives (industrial inverters) in a variety of markets. We also offer mega power AC drives for applications on Primary-Loop Recirculation (RLR) pumps in nuclear plants, propulsion drives for icebreaker ships, dump truck drives, compressor drives for oil and gas industries, as well as windmill power converters.

Explore our product line to learn about the potential applications of Hitachi Medium Voltage AC Drives (Industrial Inverters).

To learn more about medium voltage AC drives (Industrial Inverters) as well as industrial systems support, contact Hitachi America, Ltd.

Industrial Process Gas Compressors

Industrial Process Gas Compressors

Owning to its world-renowned compressor design and state-of-the-art technology, Hitachi’s high performance industrial process gas compressors are distributed internationally. High-end design, technology and manufacturing ensure that our industrial process gas compressors comply with regulations and are universally adaptable.

Explore more about Hitachi Industrial Process Gas Compressors.

For more information and support regarding Industrial Process Gas Compressors, contact us at Hitachi America, Ltd.

Elevators and Escalators

Elevators and Escalators

Hitachi has an extensive support and service network for industrial elevators and escalators which assist clients across North America. Unfortunately, our elevators and escalators may not be currently on sale in North America; but, our esteemed clients may contact our support and service team for more insight and information.

Please visit Hitachi Industrial Elevators and Escalators for more details on service and support.

Contact us, and be acquainted with, Hitachi Elevators and Escalators support and maintenance.

Industrial Generators

Industrial Generators

Hitachi wind turbine generators have been brightening lives around the world for more than 75 years now. High levels of efficiency and reliability are intrinsic to our industrial generators. We have the resources, expertise, and infrastructure to manage and control turnkey power station projects, construction work, and other related areas of operation.

Learn more about Hitachi Industrial Generators, and understand our contribution towards continuous global economic growth.

Contact Hitachi America, Ltd. for support on keystone industrial systems, consumer products, research-supportive technology, and diagnostic.

Industrial Motors

Industrial Motors

Hitachi industrial motors exhibit diversity in size and capacity, from the smallest micro motors to the largest generator sets. We are the proud leading producer of various types of specialized industrial motors and motor products. With a wide array of motors above 250 HP, we meet the special requirements of any task.

Explore Hitachi Industrial Motors to gain insight about our range 250 HP motors and other high-end products.

For custom industrial motors solutions, contact Hitachi America, Ltd.

Power Semiconductors & Micro Devices

Power Semiconductors & Micro Devices

Hitachi provides an extensive range of power semiconductors and micro devices for application across diverse industries. Our power semiconductors and micro devices are globally recognized as highly efficient and reliable. Our range of power semiconductors includes IGBT modules, and high-voltage monolithic ICs, among others. We also offer power semiconductor solutions for ultrasound applications.

Learn how Hitachi Power Semiconductors and Micro Devices can expedite your manufacturing facility.

For support on Power Semiconductors, Micro Devices, and alternate industrial products, contact Hitachi America, Ltd.

Industrial Pumps

Industrial Pumps

Hitachi pumps are yet another example of our contribution toward global, industrial, and economic development. Our industrial pumps are exported across North and South America, Asia, Oceania, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. Our pumps are internationally recognized as contemporary, solid, and technologically advanced.

Learn how Hitachi Industrial Pumps are progressive and innovative and help you stay ahead of the competition.

For assistance with Industrial Pumps and to learn more about our range of other leading industrial products and services, contact Hitachi America, Ltd.

Water Treatment Equipment

Water Treatment Equipment

Committed to making the world healthier and happier, Hitachi has developed next generation industrial water treatment equipment. We offer compact-type Membrane Bio Reactor System (MBR) and Reverse Osmosis System (RO) to aide in treating and reusing sewage for various needs such as toilet flushing, and concrete mixing, among other healthy and ecological options to purify the planet.

Read about Hitachi Water Treatment Equipment and learn how we support and strive to develop an international sustainable lifestyle.

Visit us at Hitachi America, Ltd. for Water Treatment Equipment support, and knowledge about our eco-friendly industrial and infrastructure systems.

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