Internet of Things

Various government and public organizations are aligning themselves with a business-to-society model. By bringing together people, data and machines, the internet of things (IoT) is playing a crucial role in building a safer, smarter, healthier and more efficient society that is better for all. Hitachi provides an extensive line of IoT solutions for cities, industries and businesses to deliver exceptional outcomes. Browse through the categories listed below to find out more about our vast experience and deep expertise in IoT.



Lumada is Hitachi's core platform for the internet of things (IoT). It delivers greater control for building and innovating solutions while helping you solve challenges by connecting physical and digital technologies. Based on open architecture, it helps you choose your own path and pace.

Learn more about Lumada by Hitachi.

Smart Cities

Smart Cities

Ranging from public safety solutions to Hitachi video management platform and city data exchange, Hitachi provides a variety of IoT solutions for building smart cities. While our public safety solutions allow for unification of public and private data, city data exchange helps leverage data to meet citywide challenges.

Learn everything you need to know about Hitachi IoT solutions for Smart Cities.

Video Security and Monitoring

Video Security, Monitoring and Analytics

Data-driven intelligent operations and security is the new imperative. Hitachi Video Analytics (HVA) turns video into IoT data to help cities, airports, retailers and transportation agencies make smarter decisions that improve efficiency, and to help keep people safe and on time. HVA and other video technology are supercharged by our reliable Hitachi Video Management Platform, which is designed specifically for data-intensive video analytics, storage and management.

Learn more about video security and monitoring from Hitachi.

Industrial IoT

Smart Industry

Drawing from Hitachi's 100 years of leadership in technology innovation, we provide a variety of IoT solutions that help industries become smart. Our smart industry solutions help enterprises improve operations and safety, increase productivity and prevent downtime.

Find out more about smart industry solutions from Hitachi.

Energy IoT

Smart Energy

Hitachi’s IoT solutions for smart energy provide more realistic, resilient and less costly energy solutions. Hitachi microgrids give you an opportunity to gain control over energy supply while delivering significant cost savings, resilience and environment benefits. On the other hand, Hitachi Video Management Platform offers scalable and secure video data solutions to protect energy assets, infrastructure and people.

Learn more about Hitachi’s IoT solutions for smart energy.

Hitachi IoT Appliance

Hitachi IoT Appliance

Hitachi IoT Appliance is powered by Lumada, Hitachi’s flagship IoT technology. This powerful appliance enables you to get ready for IoT in less than an hour, so that you spend more time on critical business processes than on IT setup. We help enterprises by simplifying their IoT deployments, optimizing operations and providing flexibility to store data in a secure appliance.

Learn how Hitachi IoT Appliance simplifies your IoT transformation journey.

Hitachi Live Stream

Hitachi Live Stream

Hitachi Live Stream is an open and flexible analytics solution that optimizes network operations and correlates real-time and historical data from operational and business support systems to provide the 360° view needed to make the right business decisions at the right time.

Learn more about Hitachi Live Stream.

Hitachi Predictive Maintenance

Hitachi Predictive Maintenance

Hitachi Predictive Maintenance helps practitioners evaluate assets and diagnose problems before they occur using monitoring tools like sensors and image analytics. We leverage advanced algorithms and machine learning principles to deploy repeatable maintenance solutions and an optimized asset lifecycle maintenance plan.

Learn more about Hitachi Predictive Maintenance.

IoT Analytics

IoT Analytics

Deliver productive business outcomes and improve customer satisfaction with Hitachi’s IoT analytics. Our smart analytics solutions foster innovation and collaborative efforts to help organizations improve operational efficiencies and returns on their investments. We help you uncover and understand data patterns with powerful machine-learning tools and realize higher profitability.

Learn about Hitachi's powerful IoT analytics.

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