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Logistics Services

Hitachi offers a broad spectrum of customized logistics solutions to organizations around the world. We have a strong reputation among international and domestic carriers for being a safe and efficient logistic services provider.

Browse through the categories below and get insight into Hitachi’s customized logistics management services and solutions, including international freight, domestic transportation, third party logistics and others.

Logistics Services

Hitachi is a global leader in customized logistics services. Our logistics services include international freight forwarding, domestic transportation, third party logistics, customs house brokerage, warehousing and other logistics services. We are world renowned for delivering the best quality of logistics services and following the ‘customer first’ approach across all our locations in the United States and other destinations.

Explore the categories below for a quick overview of our logistics services.

International Freight

International Freight Forwarding

Hitachi is a full-service domestic and international freight forwarding agency, authorized by major government agencies to provide transportation services worldwide. Our international freight forwarding and shipping services are cost-effective, and include multi-lane and multi-nodal international transportation management.

For more information, visit Hitachi International Freight.

To explore International Freight solutions, contact Hitachi Transport System (America), Ltd.

Domestic Transportation

Domestic Transportation Services

Hitachi is the premier provider of the best-in-class domestic transportation management services. We are licensed to provide all modes of domestic transportation logistics – air, road and rail. We provide flexible domestic transportation services throughout the United States. Our service schedules are tailor-made as per the needs of our clients.

Learn more about Domestic Transportation services offered by Hitachi.

Contact Hitachi Transport System (America), Ltd. for Domestic Transportation support.

3 P L (Third Party Logistics)

3 P L (Third Party Logistics)

Hitachi’s Third Party Logistics (3 P L) services are amongst the most sought after 3 P L programs in the transportation industry. Our third party logistics do not just guarantee lowest costs, but also assure stress-free deliveries of your wares, in the US and beyond.

Know more about Hitachi 3 P L (Third Party Logistics).

Contact Hitachi Transport System (America), Ltd. for Third Party Logistics support.

CHB (Customs House Brokerage)

CHB (Customs House Brokerage)

Hitachi derives its strength from a highly experienced team of Customs House Brokerage (CHB) professionals. Our CHB license holders are deployed in every major city close to the strategic import centers. Our CHB experts help you with all US customs-related issues and ensure the quickest possible clearance for your shipments.

Learn more about CHB (Customs House Brokerage) services offered by Hitachi.

To find out how Customs House Brokerage can support your business, contact Hitachi Transport System (America), Ltd.



Hitachi Transport offers warehousing services across the Americas. We have a vast nationwide web of strategically located distribution points. We bring in-depth experience and state-of-the-art warehousing systems to handle every type of cargo--from semi-conductors to large excavating equipment.

Get more information on Hitachi Warehousing.

To explore customized Warehousing Systems solutions, contact Hitachi Transport System (America), Ltd.

Other Logistics Services

Other Logistics Services

Hitachi also offers a broad range of domestic and international logistics services. Our logistics services include global service capability for enhanced ability to serve customers, economic cost for cost-effective mode of transportation as per the client needs, product knowledge to provide the best-fit packaging, storage and shipping facilities, and more.

Find out more about Other Logistics Services offered by Hitachi.

Contact Hitachi Transport System (America), Ltd. for Other Logistics Services support.

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