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Hitachi in the U.S.A.

Medical Diagnostics and Life Sciences

Hitachi is a pioneer in design and development of high-end medical systems and products. Hitachi provides sophisticated patient-focused medical equipment for four key medical field areas including diagnostic imaging equipment, in-vitro diagnostics, treatment and bioinformatics. Our experts continually work on the development of modern medical diagnostics products and biotechnology equipment as an endeavor to fulfill the requirements of modern healthcare of today and of the days to come.

Ultrasound Consoles & Transducers

Hitachi has a vast experience in diagnostic ultrasound and innovative ultrasound technologies. We leverage this expertise to develop world-class diagnostic ultrasound consoles and transducers for obstetrics/gynecology, radiology, surgical, cardiology, urology, vascular, veterinary and other applications.

Ultrasound Consoles

Ultrasound Consoles

Hitachi applies 50 years of experience to produce an exclusive range of ultrasound consoles designed specifically to respond to the needs of the modern healthcare industry. Hitachi diagnostic ultrasound consoles are counted worldwide for being innovative, showcasing immense quality and unmatched reliability.

Discover Hitachi’s expertise in the latest Ultrasound Consoles.

ProSound C3CV Handheld Console

ProSound C3CV Handheld Console

Hitachi ProSound C3CV ultrasound system is a true portable medical imaging solution. ProSound C3CV offers best-in-class image quality along with added networking and workflow benefits. ProSound C3CV handheld console leverages the power of Fusion™ Processor and a high-performance computer to deliver a truly world-class imaging performance.

Get to know more about the product highlights and specifications of Hitachi ProSound C3CV Handheld Console.

Ultrasound Transducers

Ultrasound Transducers

Hitachi is the leading manufacturer of diagnostic ultrasound transducers including the next generation Hemispheric Sound Technology (HST) Probes. Hitachi HST transducer incorporates a wide array of transducer elements which facilitate the creation of sound sources close to ideal hemispheric shape.

Learn all you need to know about Hitachi Ultrasound Transducers.

Life Sciences & Diagnostics

Hitachi develops contemporary life sciences equipment and diagnostics instruments to answer the growing needs of the scientific community and improve patient lives worldwide. Hitachi diagnostics products including life sciences equipment and instruments are designed specifically to improve the overall quality of the diagnostics and treatment at healthcare centers worldwide.

Proton Beam Therapy (PBT) System

Proton Beam Therapy System (PBT)

Hitachi has an immense expertise in designing, manufacturing and implementing Proton Beam Therapy systems. Hitachi PBT systems have been installed at leading cancer treatment centers around the globe where they contribute towards the goal of providing effective tumor control solutions.

Get all the information about Hitachi's expertise in Proton Beam Therapy (Cancer).

Allergic Assays & Instruments

Allergic Assays and Instruments

Allergic assays & instruments by Hitachi give the medical community an alternative means to diagnose allergy in a timely manner and at a substantially lower cost than the traditional available methods. Hitachi allergic assays and instruments are specific in diagnosis and facilitate quick problem detection.

Explore the world of allergy care products at Hitachi Allergic Assays & Instruments.

Life Sciences Equipment

Life Sciences Equipment

Hitachi brings the highest quality scientific life sciences equipment to the North American market. We have thousands of satisfied clients who trust us for our analytical instrumentation including Liquid Chromatography, Amino Acid Analyzers, UV-Vis/NIR and Fluorescence Spectroscopy Systems and LC/MS systems.

Browse the latest product series and key features of Hitachi Life Sciences Equipment.

Life Sciences Analysis Software

Life Sciences Analysis Software

The MiraiBio Group is involved in the research and development of various life sciences analysis software for different government agencies, academia, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide.

The MiraiBio Group offers state-of-the-art life sciences analysis software including the MasterPlex ReaderFit (Desktop Edition) dedicated to ELISA Data Analysis among other specialty software.

Discover our wide range of specialty Life Sciences Analysis Software.

Medical Imaging Systems

Hitachi offers patient friendly medical diagnostic imaging solutions and diagnostic imaging systems to the hospitals and diagnostic imaging centers across the globe. Hitachi specializes in advanced medical imaging components which further help to enhance the MRI process to deliver the best results.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Systems

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Systems

Hitachi offers an exclusive range of magnetic resonance imaging systems (MRI) and components. Hitachi MRI systems are designed to be user-friendly and make use of the latest MRI technology to deliver reliable and accurate results.

Discover everything about the latest and exclusive Hitachi Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Systems.

Computed Tomography (CT) Systems

Computed Tomography (CT) Systems

Hitachi CT products offer a combination of contemporary features and benefits that are crucial to high-quality CT imaging. MDCT systems are the new advanced range of Hitachi computed tomography systems (CT Systems). Owing to this exclusive nature of Hitachi CT systems, we have been able to sell over 12,000 CT systems across the globe.

Learn more about the technical features of Hitachi Computed Tomography (CT).

Optical Topography System

Optical Topography Systems

Hitachi's optical topography is a non-invasive tool that allows investigative cerebral hemodynamics using near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS). Hitachi’s powerful optical topography systems give you a glimpse of the working brain like never before.

Learn how it is possible to see the brain at work with Hitachi Optical Topography.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Components

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Components

Performance Controls, Inc. brings a wide range of magnetic resonance imaging components including the MRI gradient amplifiers. Our MRI gradient amplifiers deliver the required power to generate variable magnetic field component for the MRI process.

Explore the entire range of patient friendly MRI System Components.

Technologies and Materials

Hitachi has an expansive knowledge and experience in latest medical technologies for the development of contemporary medical materials that answer the needs of transmission reliability as well as exceed the expectations of the healthcare sector.

Medical Cables, Fibers & Materials

Medical Cables, Fibers and Materials

Hitachi offers a complete line-up of medical equipment cables and sophisticated component materials. Our specialty medical materials also include medical cables and fiber optics to be used in various medical equipment and systems.

Get to know more about Hitachi Medical Cables, Fibers & Materials.

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