Life Sciences & Diagnostics Instruments

Hitachi is the leading provider of a comprehensive range of life science equipment and diagnostic instruments that exceed established global industry benchmarks. Our innovative diagnostic instruments contribute to compreshensive patient care, revolutionizing accurate diagnosis for target treatment.

Particle Therapy System

Particle Therapy System

For over two decades, Hitachi specialized in Proton Beam Therapy (PBT) systems and defined new milestones in technological and medical industries. Our proton beam radiation therapy is adopted and extolled worldwide with proven high efficacy for treating various types of cancer; suppressing tumors without the extreme effects of conventional radiation.

Take advantage of Hitachi’s expertise in particle therapy technology with Particle Therapy System (Link to Healthcare site. Open in new window.) .

Transform your healthcare service offerings with the multitude of products available at Hitachi Healthcare Americas.

Allergic Assays & Instruments

Allergic Assays & Instruments

Hitachi is an expert in allergy assays, providing reliable diagnosis to patients. Each of our allergy assays instruments is designed to match varying geographies for improved patient care offering ease of use, speed, and accuracy.

Diagnose allergies promptly, and at lower costs, with Hitachi Allergic Assay Instruments.

For expert and honest advice in diagnostic equipment, contact Hitachi Chemical Diagnostics.

Life Sciences Equipment

Life Sciences Equipment

Hitachi’s commitment to continuous innovation drove our achievements in the field life sciences. We offer high quality products and intricate scientific instruments to assist researchers in steady, significant advances and progress in healthcare.

The advanced range of Hitachi analytical instrumentation includes: Liquid Chromatography, Amino Acid Analyzers, UV-Vis/NIR, Fluorescence Spectroscopy Systems, and LC/MS systems.

Introduce Hitachi Life Sciences Equipment for expedient and cost-effective diagnoses.

For support on Life Sciences Equipment and other innovative medical instruments, contact Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc.

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