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Hitachi is a leader in manufacturing construction machinery in the global market. From the smallest planetary gear, up to the largest excavator body, it infuses advanced technology and analytical precision in each of its components. Hitachi also engineers machines for forestry applications that facilitate convenient and quick transport of wood.

Construction / Production Excavators

Construction / Production Excavators

Hitachi is a leading manufacturer of world-class excavators. We leverage our legacy of innovation to manufacture highly efficient, reliable, and durable construction/production class excavators. Available in a large number of configurations, we have excavators for every kind of construction need.

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Hitachi manufactures high-performance and rugged foresters for efficient transport of wood in massive forests. Our powerful foresters ensure high durability and endurance to withstand even the most extreme conditions with proven strength and reliability. The advanced configuration and world-class technology used in our foresters increase the scope and lifting capacity, allowing greater quantities and weights of wood to be lifted.

Learn more about the latest innovations in heavy equipment for forests with Hitachi’s Forestry solutions.

Explore Hitachi Construction Machinery Holding USA to learn the various solutions available to upgrade your business productivity.

Compact Excavators

Compact Excavators

Hitachi compact excavators are designed to deliver a smooth and productive performance. With features like absolute comfort, safety and reliability, our compact excavators are available in different capacities and specifications to suit different needs. We also allow our customers to realize their custom requirements by mixing and matching different accessories and attachments, and create a tailor-made product for them.

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When it comes to earthmoving equipment, Hitachi has its complete focus on excavators. Our reduced tail swing excavators are highly reliable machines that deliver efficiency, reliability and durability. These machines are highly efficient and help contractors tackle larger projects in a reduced amount of time, optimize operations and maximize profits.

Find more information about different models and specifications of Hitachi Reduced Tail Swing Excavators.

Wheeled Excavators

Wheeled Excavators

Hitachi wheeled excavators are all about productivity. With exceptional features like easy maintenance, tough components and superb operator comfort, our wheeled excavators reduce operational costs and enhance productivity. The advanced hydraulic system of our excavators leads to greater power and speed, and low fuel consumption, thereby maximizing your return on investment.

Know more about all types of Wheeled Excavators by Hitachi.

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