Ion Linear Accelerator Systems

Hitachi’s ion linear accelerator systems are globally renowned for versatility, high efficiency, sophisticated technology, and consistency. Our customized ion linear accelerators are developed to meet each client’s unique requirements. These are used across medical, scientific research and industrial applications which facilitate high energy particle acceleration.

PULSAR® Linac Systems

PULSAR® Linac Systems

PULSAR® PET Isotope Production systems are linac-based proton accelerators designed to achieve maximum productivity. The next-generation PULSAR® system is known for its reliable, precise, and cost-effective production of molecular tracers.

Equip your laboratory with Hitachi’s next-generation PULSAR® PET Isotope Production systems.

Visit AccSys Technology, Inc. for information about PULSAR.

LANSAR® Linac Systems

LANSAR® Linac Systems

The LANSAR® family of linear-accelerator-based systems by AccSys is extensively applied in research and industrial environments for non-destructive inspection applications. The advanced, durable, and compact systems exercise our patented linac technology to produce reliable results with high output.

Learn more about the easily transportable, computerized LANSAR® systems.

Contact AccSys Technology, Inc. for support on LANSAR.

LiNSTAR™ Linac Systems

LiNSTAR™ Linac Systems

AccSys LiNSTAR systems are valued as injector linacs at numerous proton synchrotron that facilitate focus on physics research and cancer therapy. Our LiNSTAR™ linac systems offer high stability for a range of beam currents and pulse widths, with consistent repetition rates.

Explore Hitachi’s versatile LiNSTAR™ systems which are ideal for research needs.

Inquire about LiNSTAR and/or resolve your product-related queries at AccSys Technology, Inc.

Custom Linacs

Custom Linacs

AccSys offers an entire range of custom linacs for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. Along with superior engineering and design, AccSys systems deliver high performance and unmatched reliability. The accelerators simultaneously provide tailored beams for multiple targets or user applications, owing to its asset to vary pulse width and current.

For customized linac systems that meet your high-energy application requirements, visit Hitachi’s Custom Linacs.

Visit AccSys Technology, Inc. for innovative particle accelerator solutions for all medical or research applications.

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