Business Products

Hitachi makes immense contributions toward the growth and development of businesses throughout the world. The diverse range of Hitachi’s business products, solutions, and services include the medical imaging systems & components, semiconductor materials, automotive systems, business consulting solutions, information technology solutions, and more technologies. Hitachi offers a broad range of contemporary business products to the ever-changing needs of modern day businesses. They add value to your operations, while enabling achievement in complicated, long-term business goals. At Hitachi, we aim to offer true value. Our experts formulate sustainable integrated solutions tailored to the individual requirements of any business.

  • Hitachi Automotive Systems

    As one of the leading automotive systems and equipment providers, Hitachi dominates the American automotive systems marketplace. Hitachi’s expertise in automotive systems encompass design, manufacture, sales, and service with a solid foundation of automotive equipment and systems complied by specialized components and systems for the transportation industry.

  • Hitachi Business Consulting Solutions

    Hitachi provides a comprehensive range of business consulting solutions for organizations worldwide. Hitachi brings several years of outstanding experience and innovation to assist global business entities in improving efficiency and gaining operational effectiveness. Hitachi’s team of business consultants formulates solutions customized to the specific business goals and needs.

  • Hi-functional Materials

    Hitachi utilizes high-end technologies to manufacture hi-functional and advanced materials that seamlessly integrate into a matrix of industrial applications. Get a quick overview of Hitachi’s hi-functional and advanced materials, which include advanced materials and components, rolls and sensors, magnets, and semiconductor materials.

  • Industrial Infrastructure Equipment

    The leading manufacturers of consumer products and complex industrial applications turn to Hitachi for procurement of advanced industrial infrastructure and equipment. Hitachi is globally recognized and lauded as a leading manufacturer of best-in class industrial equipment and systems that are adaptive toward the rapidly changing needs of the modern industrial environment.

  • IT Solutions

    Hitachi implements information technology solutions to meet critical business challenges. It is with our information technology products and business solutions, that the leading organizations from around the world, translate their business agendas into successful IT initiatives.

  • Logistics Services Systems

    Hitachi provides a comprehensive range of logistics services and solutions including, but not limited to, international freight forwarding, domestic transportation, third party logistics, customhouse brokerage, and warehousing. Our world-class logistics services are supported by a strong network of strategically located distribution points spread throughout the United States.

  • Medical & Life Sciences Solutions

    Hitachi is a market leader in the patient-focused medical equipment industry. Hitachi provides high-end medical products and systems for key verticals in the life science industry such as diagnostic imaging equipment, in-vitro diagnostics, bioinformatics, and treatment. Our researchers continually improve the next generation medical diagnostic products and biotechnology equipment.

  • Mining Construction Machinery

    Wenco International Mining Systems’ expertise and precision in design and engineering attract clients from the mining and construction industry. Built for heavy-duty work, our technologically advanced hydraulic mining shovels/backhoes, and mining rigid frame dump trucks are the premier choice for the mining business. In addition, a comprehensive range of fleet management systems, fleet safety, dispatching solutions, and machine guidance solutions, are available for global mining operations. Our reliable machinery performs rapidly to increase productivity and efficiency. This adds value and confidence in the mining, construction, and forestry industries.

  • Hitachi Scientific Research Equipment

    Hitachi’s extensive line of scientific research equipment ensure both scholars and scientists possess the most innovative and reliable technologies available. To meet the cross-industry demands for highly accurate, cost-effective, and dependable research equipment, Hitachi offers an array of products for superior quality in scientific research analysis.