Social Infrastructure: Industrial

Hitachi has trusted experience in the design and manufacture of social infrastructure for industries across multiple industry sectors. Our offerings satisfy infrastructure related needs of companies engaged in several domains, including manufacturing. Visit the links below to learn more about Hitachi’s social infrastructure industrial products.

Information Technology

Hitachi implements advanced information technology solutions to meet critical business challenges. Hitachi Group Companies in North America offer IT solutions that serve a wide range of industries – from telecommunications and data storage products, to consulting services, Social Innovation technologies and advanced analytics. With decades of IT and OT expertise, Hitachi’s IT powers technology leaders around the world.

Business Consulting

Hitachi provides a comprehensive range of business consulting solutions for organizations worldwide. Hitachi proves its reputation with outstanding experience and innovation to assist global business entities in improving efficiency to gain operational efficiencies. Hitachi’s esteemed business consultants formulate solutions customized to each specific business requirement.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Hitachi is a revered leader in the patient-focused medical equipment industry. Hitachi provides uncompromised medical products and systems for key verticals in the life science industry such as medical imaging, medical diagnostics, patient monitoring systems, performance improvement and more. We design, develop, and deliver some of the world’s leading medical technologies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare delivery.

Hi-Functional & Advanced Materials

As an enabling technology, high functional materials and components are essential to the creation of new innovations. Hitachi is working vigorously on the development of materials and components that satisfy the expectations of society. To accomplish this, we draw on a base of original technologies built over many years. Get a quick overview of Hitachi’s hi-functional and advanced materials, which include advanced materials and components, rolls and sensors, magnets, electronic-related components, and semiconductor materials.

Automotive Systems & Equipment

As one of the leading automotive systems and equipment providers, Hitachi spearheads the American automotive systems marketplace. Hitachi delivers solutions that help manufacturers meet new environmental standards, provide cutting-edge in-vehicle information systems, as well as metals and automotive components. From hybrid, electric and fuel cell solutions to safety and security products for the automotive, Hitachi continues to drive auto industry innovation.

Scientific Research Equipment

Hitachi’s extensive line of scientific research equipment ensures that both scholars and scientists possess the most innovative and reliable technologies available. To meet the cross-industry demands for accuracy, cost-effectiveness, and dependable research equipment, Hitachi designs advanced superior quality products for scientific research analysis.

Power Systems

Hitachi offers state-of-the-art power generation equipment and technologies that supply cleaner, low-cost electricity. These technologies help preserve vital resources, benefiting not only the customer but society as well. For more information, visit us at the links below.

Mining & Construction Machinery

Built for heavy-duty work, our technologically advanced hydraulic mining shovels/backhoes, and mining rigid frame dump trucks, present the premier choice for the mining business. In addition, a comprehensive range of fleet management systems, fleet safety, dispatching solutions, and machine guidance solutions, are available and tested for global mining operations. Our reliable machinery performs rapidly to exceed your productivity and efficiency benchmarks. This value and confidence in the mining, construction, and forestry industries ensure accuracy and reliability.