for Government

Hitachi serves diverse market segments in the US with a broad range of infrastructure, business products, and technology-related services and solutions for all levels of government. From national security to building infrastructure for sustainable economic growth, Hitachi strives to meet the highest standards needed to support government entities.

  • Consulting Solutions & Services

    Hitachi brings industry best practices to help the government innovate and modernize operations in order to complete missions worldwide. With in-depth experience in the government sector, Hitachi develops strategies and processes to meet critical challenges so that the government can better serve the people.

  • Energy and Sustainability

    A leader in power generation systems, Hitachi has an extensive portfolio of innovative technologies to support building a sustainable society. These pioneering solutions enable the US government to pursue next generation energy systems while also reducing energy costs by increasing efficiency at government facilities.

  • Healthcare and Science

    Medical and research facilities need advanced equipment to carry out complex analysis and procedures. Hitachi medical products combine innovative solutions with emphasis on patient care for an overall better patient experience for veterans and current servicemen and women. Hitachi also provides sophisticated equipment to national laboratories to develop next generation technologies and to conduct critical scientific research.

  • IT Infrastructure

    Hitachi provides innovative technologies for the US government to perform at the highest level. From data storage systems to fiber optic cables, Hitachi offers proven industry leading IT solutions to meet the government needs of today and tomorrow.

  • Hitachi Security

    Physical and cyber security are critical for all levels of government, and Hitachi has diverse technologies and solutions to help ensure the protection and confidence of government systems.

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