Energy / Sustainability

Energy & Sustainability

As part of Hitachi’s Environmental Vision, our goal is to achieve a more sustainable society by promoting global production that reduces the environmental burden of a product throughout its life cycle. Hitachi’s advanced energy technology and services include Smart Grid next-generation power networks, Smart City infrastructure, and an Environmental Consulting practice to support government clients on all aspects of sustainability.

Hitachi Chemical Co. America, Ltd. / Hitachi America, Ltd.

Industrial and Infrastructure Systems

Industrial and Infrastructure Systems Division (Hitachi America, Ltd.)

Smart City Infrastructure that supports daily life, including energy, water, mobility, and telecommunications is needed to establish sustainable, growing next-generation cities that reduce the load on the environment and ensure security, safety, and comfort as part of Hitachi’s Vision for Smart Cities. From various battery types to smart grids, Hitachi provides technology to support stable and efficient energy supply and demand.

Lithium Ion Battery Module

  • High energy density and high power
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Large capacity
  • Excellent vibration and impact resistance due to use of spiral-wound electrodes

Lithium Ion Battery Module

Long-life Lead-acid Battery

  • Easy operation & maintenance
  • Large-current charge/discharge
  • Instant start up
  • Partial-state-of-charge operation capability
  • Easy recycling

Long-life Lead-acid Battery


Hitachi America, Ltd.

Industrial Components and Equipment

Industrial Components and Equipment Division

Hitachi America ICED manufactures highly reliable products that are designed to have long life cycles. Internal engineering standards ensure that products are designed to minimize the products impact on the environment.

Reliability / Eco-conscious Design = lower overall total cost of operation.

Air Compressor Technologies

  • Oil-Free Screw Air Compressors, Oil-Less Scroll Compressors, Blowers
  • Less Risk to Production
  • Highest Quality Air (Class Zero), Energy Savings & CO2 Reduction, Cost Reduction

DSP Oil-Free Screw Compressors & SRL Oil-Less Scroll Compressors

Inverter / Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s)

  • Pump & motor speed control
  • Extend life of pumps and motors / “Soft start” / Match Demand
  • Utility / Energy savings
  • Increase efficiencies

Variable Frequency Drives
SJ700 & WJ200 Variable Frequency Drives


Japan US Island Grid Project in Maui, Hawaii (JUMPSmartMaui)

Japan US Island Grid Project

JUMPSmartMaui is a demonstration project entrusted by NEDO* to develop advanced smart grid system utilizing renewable energy resources and electric vehicles (EVs). Hitachi is the project management leader as the company responsible for demonstrational activities. This project is also a part of the Japan-US Clean Energy Technologies Action Plan.

  • NEDO: New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization in Japan
  • This demonstration is supported by METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry) and NEDO.


Hitachi Consulting Corporation

Environmental Sustainability Solutions

Hitachi Consulting offers a full range of services and solutions to help government agencies formulate sound sustainability policies and practices, implement sustainability and smart infrastructure programs, and conform to environmental standards. Our service offerings include:

  • Climate Risk and Resilience: Anticipate and effectively plan for new climate change risks while executing mitigation and adaptation actions and monitoring risk profiles.
  • Environment, Health and Safety: Manage risk and meet requirements through program development and system optimization, including Environmental Management Systems (EMS) implementation.
  • Energy Performance Services: Improve energy performance by measuring, bench marking, modeling, and forecasting energy consumption and costs, and then implementing smart technologies.
  • Green IT: Reduce the environmental impact of IT by implementing energy-saving and resource minimization projects.
  • Smart Cities Solutions: Deploy advanced infrastructure and IT systems to manage the urban environment and resources in a more sustainable, cost-effective manner via Smart Grids, Micro Grids, and Smart Transportation.

Environmental Sustainability

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