Hitachi develops advanced technologies and innovative solutions that support the US government in building a more secure and safer society. Diverse technologies include biometrics, video surveillance and data encryption.

Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions, Corp.

Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions

Hitachi, Ltd. and Omron Corporation has merged their divisions to realize the synergy of combining hardware and software technologies, as well as high levels of information security technologies, to provide society with security, safety, and convenience. We aim to be the most trusted global leader of terminal solutions vendors.

Finger Vein Solution (Biometrics)

Hitachi offers biometric technology solutions to protect critical government systems and access. Innovative, advanced technologies are needed to strengthen security and finger vein solutions provide highly accurate, secure, efficient authentication speed.

The finger vein authentication technology uses a finger vein pattern, unique to each individual, for verification and identification. The finger vein pattern is obtained by projecting near-infrared rays generated from LEDs of a finger vein reader through the individual’s finger. Finger vein patterns are extremely difficult to steal and duplicate, making it an ideal identity verification solution.

identity verification system

  • Government Security Solutions: physical access control, identification at points of entry
  • Information Security Solutions: identity verification and authorization for access or transactions
  • Deployed Globally: more than 100,000 finger vein devices used by financial institutions in Japan, Poland and Turkey

Hitachi Solutions America, Ltd.

Products and Services Group

Products and Services Group (PSG)

Hitachi Solutions America, Ltd. (HSAL) was established in 1991 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi Solutions, Ltd. (HISOL) in Japan. With headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area and offices in Irvine, San Diego and New York City, HSAL leads global sales and marketing efforts for HISOL in key product and service categories.

Credeon Encryption Key Management

Credeon Encryption Key Management (EKM)

Leveraging Hitachi’s expertise and history in Enterprise IT security and based on the HIBUN encryption algorithms used by 1000s of companies globally, Credeon EKM’s FIPS 140-2 certified encryption module makes it safe for Government agencies to use public cloud storage services.

The convenience, cost effectiveness and efficiency of the cloud is widely known. Unfortunately so are the security risks. Bottom-up cloud adoption and BYOD approaches are forcing Enterprises to support its users’ cloud usage regardless of the security risks it presents. Credeon EKM gives Government IT managers an easy to implement security layer that makes the cloud storage safe. User owned and managed encryption keys mask data from cloud service providers and security breaches. Browser based dashboard makes data access management and auditing simple.


Hitachi Kokusai Electric America, Ltd.

Hitachi Kokusai Electric America

Hitachi Kokusai Electric, Ltd. has been manufacturing high quality surveillance cameras for over 50 years and developing unique outdoor surveillance cameras for the most demanding applications and customers. To ensure the safety and security of the US, Hitachi Kokusai Electric America provides advanced surveillance technology for critical infrastructure, facilities, borders, airports, and seaports.

KP-HD1005-S5 Camera and Housing Camera

  • 2.2 Mega Pixel, 1080P HD Resolution with excellent low light capability
  • Adaptive Fog Reduction (AFR) allows camera to see through fog, dust & smoke
  • Real time output in both HD & SD modes simultaneously
  • Signal for autofocus function VD, HD, gate pulse for focus, Y signal and video output
  • Day/night camera with strong response in NIR
  • Compact & ruggedized design

Camera and Housing Camera
KP-HD1005, KP-HD1005-S5

Live Face Matching (LFM) / Similar Face Search (SFS)

LFM/SFS provides real-time high-speed matching of stored images. LFM/SFS uses live multi-camera video to analyze stored video and images to match and report subjects of interest, critical infrastructure sites strengthen security and increase threat detection which are essential to ensure safety.

Improves the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Security Surveillance

  • LFM detects and reports subject facial images in real-time.
  • SFS accurate high-speed search capability allows users to quickly investigate post-event video and/or images.

LFM: Face Matching from Multiple Live Surveillance Camera Feeds

LFM immediately matches facial images extracted from live surveillance camera feeds with image databases at high speed (max 60 faces/sec).

Face Matching Live Surveillance Camera
LFM alerts and reports detailed information of matching results

SFS: High-speed Facial Feature Extraction and Search

SFS registers 640 facial images/sec (average) from video and photo footages and searches similar facial images extracted from recorded video or static images in databases up to 36 million faces in less than 1 sec (average).

SFS technology
SFS technology provides high speed search of stored facial images, significantly reducing operational search time


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