Consumer Products

Hitachi’s comprehensive line of consumer products and services are designed to assist with home improvement projects to create a theater-quality experience. Our automotive electronics line was planned with safety in mind to focus on the road as you enjoy the journey. Explore our entire line of B2C solutions and products below:

  • Audio Visual Products

    Hitachi audio visual products are a collection of renowned consumer electronics and audio equipment. While 4K Hitachi televisions offer famous picture quality, Hitachi audio equipment is designed for an unprecedented and compelling sound experience. Through our undaunted technological experience, we have customized advanced features for an unforgettable lifelike experience.

  • Automotive Electronics

    Hitachi subsidiary, Clarion, offers a full suite of automotive electronics products spanning from mobile multimedia systems, full digital sound products, to rear vision cameras and marine audio systems designed to withstand the harshest maritime conditions. The Clarion range of automotive electronics ensures the best of audio visual experience while in the environment, in the sea and on the land.

  • Security

    Designed to address the surveillance and monitoring needs in urban conditions, Hitachi offers security solutions including HD, Full HD, and SD Camera blocks. Our feature-rich product range is appropriate for application at locations where visibility is dangerous and performance obstacles are a challenge such as; traffic signals, busy commercial streets, and railway platforms.

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