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Hitachi in the U.S.A.

Hitachi Business-to-Consumer Products, Services and Solutions

Hitachi’s comprehensive line of consumer products is designed to assist with your home improvement projects and to help you create a movie theater quality experience. Our automotive electronics line has been created with your safety in mind, allowing you to both focus on the road and enjoy the journey. Explore our entire line of consumer products and solutions below.

Electronics & Digital Media

Electronics and Digital Media Products

Hitachi is the industry leader in consumer electronics and digital media products. We offer top-of-the-line audio visual and entertainment products to create the ultimate home theater system. From our UltraThin HDTVs and LCD Projectors to our Maxell Bluetooth Digital TV Soundbar, we are able to provide a fully immersive audio visual experience that breathes life into your favorite movies.

Power Tools & Equipment

Power Tools and Equipment

Hitachi power tools are known for their durability, strength and lasting power. From our cordless line to our pneumatic nail guns and compressors, our vast selection of home improvement tools ensures that each job is done right.

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