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Clarion is a Hitachi group subsidiary engaged in the design and manufacture of a variety of superior full digital sound products including sound processors, speakers, and subwoofers. While the compatible chassis of the Clarion sound processor makes it easily installable in tight locations, the multi power supply voice coil in Clarion speakers ensures high-quality sound and low power consumption.

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Z3 - Full Digital Sound Processor

Z3 - Full Digital Sound Processor

Z3 is the latest in the line of Clarion full digital sound processors. It not only looks sleek and minimalistic, it produces sound which is incredibly clear and crisp. Z3 also features commander intuitive interface that makes it easier to fine tune delicate sounds. Z3's other features include tweeter clear and dynamic middle-high range reproduction and new dedicated LSI, among others.

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Z7 - Full Digital Speaker

Z7 - Full Digital Speaker

Clarion Z7 is a full digital speaker featuring a premium design that simulates pride. The featured phase plug fully optimizes the sound waves emanating from the core of the speaker to deliver clear, transparent, and immersive sound directly to the listener. Its large-diameter strontium magnet is capable of reproducing highly responsive, dynamic bass sounds.

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Z25W - Full Digital Subwoofer

Z25W - Full Digital Subwoofer

The all new Z25W full digital subwoofer has a thin profile design with a built-in drive circuit. So, while being extremely powerful, Z25W is compact, so it does not devour and cram utility spaces for cars. The new Clarion developed GAC-Composite cone is highly rigid and can afford optimal internal loss for reproduction of tight and powerful bass.

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