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Hitachi in the U.S.A.

Consumer Electronics and Digital Media Products

Hitachi designs and develops superior products for both the professional media and home entertainment industries. We’ve partnered with Clarion and Maxell to bring you the best available media devices and audio systems that ensure a high-quality audio/visual experience along with fast, reliable data storage. Our CASIO G'zOne mobile phones are shock, dust and water-resistant, allowing you to use your phone in the harshest environments. View our entire line of media products below.

Audio Visual Products

Hitachi manufactures top-of-the-line audio visual components and systems, each designed to enhance your entertainment experience. Our UltraThin LED HDTV displays more than six million individual points of light to create the sharpest picture available on the market. Hitachi’s AV accessories are designed to provide high quality sound and video performance.


LED LCD HD Television

Hitachi’s HDTVs deliver a rich, true-to-life picture utilizing a mercury-free light source. Our televisions are ENERGY STAR® qualified, helping reduce your energy costs.

Learn more about Hitachi HDTVs.

Home Audio and Video

Home Audio and Video Systems

Hitachi’s Soundbar and DVD/Blu-Ray Players create a crisp, clear audio to elevate your home theater experience.

Click here to learn about Hitachi’s Home Audio and Video products.

LCD Projectors

LCD Projectors

Hitachi’s line of LCD projectors utilizes cutting-edge technologies to project high-quality images with a low profile design. Ideally suited for a business environment, our superior line of projectors offers value and long-life reliability.

View our entire line of Projectors, for both your personal and business needs.

Wall Mounts

Television Wallmounts

Our extensive line of wall mounts can accommodate televisions from 19” to 70”, weighing up to 110 pounds. The mounts safely secure your TV flush against the wall for optimal viewing experience.

Learn which Wall Mounts work best for your TV.

Automotive Electronics

Clarion, a Hitachi Group company, has designed a superior line of automotive electronics and mobile entertainment products that deliver state-of-the-art sound quality, accurate GPS navigation and unmatched multi-media systems for entertainment on the go.

Smart Access Solutions

Smart Access Solutions

Smart Access uses the most advanced cloud-based information, analysis and sharing platform to deliver a wide selection of real-time services. Smart Access offers a wide range of applications, from turn-by-turn navigation to letting you safely update your Facebook page on the go.

Explore the future of Smart Access technology here.

Mobile Multimedia Systems

Mobile Multimedia Systems

Clarion’s mobile multimedia system offers instant access to your favorite mobile applications, smart phone connectivity and accurate navigation, all within an interactive touch-screen monitor.

Find the best Multimedia System for your car.

Mobile Audio Systems

Mobile Audio Systems

Clarion’s mobile audio equipment offers exceptional sound quality and state-of-the-art features such as iPod® and iPhone® connectivity and built-in Bluetooth®.

Find a retailer near you to learn about the latest advances in Mobile Audio equipment.

Marine Audio Systems

Marine Audio Systems

Clarion manufactures a complete line of audio systems and accessories, specifically designed for use on various marine vessels. The watertight systems include in-dash receivers, speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers, each designed to create a superior audio experience while on the water.

Learn more about Clarion’s Marine Audio Systems.

Data & Storage Media Devices

Hitachi works in tandem with Maxell to ensure that their products continuously exceed industry standards for data storage. Review the full line of Hitachi’s data and storage media devices.

Consumer Media

Consumer Media Storage Solutions

Maxell offers high-quality earbuds, headphones and speakers, along with data media options to safely store of your important audio and video content.

Browse the full line of Consumer Media products available from Maxell.

Professional Media

Professional Media Storage Devices

Our Maxell media devices range from multi-interface external hard disk drives to 9 bay towers and duplication systems, each manufactured to deliver a complete storage solution for professional data and media projects.

Learn more about our Professional-quality Media Devices.

Data Media

Data Media Storage Solutions

Maxell high-quality tapes are created to exceed industry standards. From a complex professional audio recording to a simple data back-up for your home computer, Maxell has the appropriate solution for both your business and personal storage requirements.

Click here to view the complete line of Maxell’s Data Media storage and back-up solutions.

Digital Devices

Through strategic partnerships, Hitachi High Technologies America continues to develop innovative solutions for wireless communication, broadband networking and digital home technologies.

Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones

Our water-proof and shock resistant CASIO G’zOne mobile phones have been designed to endure the rigors of your active life.

Click to find the CASIO G’zOne Mobile Phone that’s right for you.

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