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Hitachi in the U.S.A.

Power Tools and Equipment

Hitachi power tools are known for their reliability, strength and lasting power. From cordless tools to pneumatic nail guns and compressors, our home improvement tools ensure that every job is done right.

Power Tools

Whether you’re completing a DIY backyard project or building a custom home, Hitachi Power Tools have the right equipment for the job. Learn more about the wide range of Hitachi’s power tools below.

New Power Tools & Accessories

New Power Tools

To ensure our power tools are “best-in-class”, Hitachi works continuously to upgrade its portfolio as technologies improve.

Find the right Power Tools to help you complete your project.

Concrete & Masonry Power Tools

Concrete and Masonry Power Tools

Hitachi has engineered a line of demolition hammers with low vibration and noise levels to crush and chip different types of concrete. Our extensive line of rotary hammers and masonry saws gives you the flexibility to find the best tools for your construction needs.

Choose the best Concrete & Masonry Tools for your razing project.

Cordless Tools

Cordless Power Tools

Hitachi offers one of the most reliable portfolios of cordless power tools. From the 18V Lithium Ion Compact Pro Impact Driver, rated “Best Buy” in the 2014 Buying Guide, to the cordless grass trimmer designed for densely populated and noise-sensitive areas, each power tool offers maximum efficiency, simple operation and low maintenance.

Click here for our complete line of Cordless Tools.

Drills / Fasteners

Drills and Fasteners

When you need more power than our cordless line provides, our corded line of drills, fasteners and superdrivers will help you get the job done. The Hitachi Impact Driver is ideal for drilling, driving and fastening applications for interior construction work, and the drywall screwdriver is ideal for exterior construction such as installation of siding on buildings.

Click here to find the right Drill or Fastener for your project.

Metalworking Power Tools

Metalworking Power Tools

The 13-Amp variable speed angle grinder offers power and performance combined with safety and convenience, while the compact and cordless mini grinder is an excellent choice for finishing work and precision grinding projects. 

View our full line of Metalworking Tools to find the best solution for your job.



Whether it’s framing and roofing a new house or finishing the interior crown molding on your home, Hitachi’s high performing pneumatic tools will help you complete the job with ease. Our pneumatic nail guns and compressors work together to achieve the look of a professional carpenter.

Hitachi’s line of pneumatic tools offers a wide range of options for your carpentry projects. Whether it’s framing and roofing a new house or finishing the interior crown molding on your home, Hitachi’s high performing nail guns will help you complete the job with ease.

View our entire line of Pneumatics to find the right tool for your carpentry job.


Power Saws

With over forty available saw blades, Hitachi has a solution for every cutting project. From cordless circular saws with an adjustable, left-mounded blade and a spotlight for improved cut line visibility to our heavy duty Dual Compound Miter Saw with Hitachi's laser marker system for cutting accuracy; we offer a myriad of options to ensure the job is done correctly and safely.

Browse the full line of Hitachi Saws to find the best choice for your project.

Woodworking Power Tools

Woodworking Power Tools

Hitachi’s sanders, planers and routers are well-suited for woodworkers looking for first-class performance and exacting control. The variable speed orbit finishing sander offers best-in-class sanding performance while removing significantly more stock in less time, and the planer allows for dust collection with a dust bag or vacuum attachment to keep the work surface clear of dust and debris.

Learn more about Hitachi’s precision tools for your Woodworking projects.

Outdoor Power Equipment

Outdoor Power Equipment

Hitachi’s line of outdoor power equipment is designed for the professional landscaper. Our grass trimmers and edgers create clean lines in your landscaping projects; our chainsaws have excellent power-to-weight ratio, making it a wise choice for pruning, shaping and hobby work.

Click here to find the right Outdoor Power Equipment for your landscaping jobs.

Power Tools Accessories

The right accessories for your power tools can make a world of difference for your project. From a properly sized drill bit or grinding blade, to an extra battery for the long day of work, Hitachi ensures you’ll have the best accessories to finish your job with precision.

Batteries & Chargers

Power Tools Batteries and Chargers

Hitachi offers back-up batteries and chargers for your longer running projects.

Click here to find a Battery and Charger retailer near you.

Pneumatics & Nails

Pneumatics and Nails

We offer a complete line of nails, staples and screws that are made specifically for your Hitachi pneumatic nail guns.

Click here for the full selection of Nails, Staples and Screws.

Saw Blades & Hole Saws

Saw Blades and Hole Saws

Our cutting blades are created to accompany each of Hitachi’s cutting power tools.

Explore the extensive line of Saw Blades & Hole Saws to choose the best tool for your project.

Abrasives/Diamond Blades

Abrasives and Diamond Blades

Hitachi’s abrasive and polishing blades are manufactured to precisely match your individual projects.

Choose your Hitachi Abrasives & Diamond Blades from the full line of products.

Hammer Steel

Hammer Steel

When your project calls for a high-torque drill bit, Hitachi’s Hammer Steel drill bit will complete the job easily.

Find the Hammer Steel you need for your more difficult projects.

Chisels & Core Bits

Chisels and Core Bits

Hitachi’s large selection of chisels, core bits and shank adapters will accommodate all your drilling needs.

Learn more about our Chisels & Core Bits.

Drilling & Driving Tools

Drilling and Driving Tools

Hitachi’s drilling tools are specifically manufactured to bore through wood, metal, or glass and tile to assist with precision projects.

Click here to view our line of Drilling & Driving power tool accessories.

Fastening Tools & Accessories

Fastening Tools and Accessories

Hitachi’s screwdriver heads and socket drivers are the perfect solution for your fastening projects.

Click here to find Fastening accessories for your projects.

Carrying Cases

Power Tools Carrying Cases

Choose a Hitachi carrying case designed to securely house all of your tools for transportation.

Find the best Carrying Case for your power tools.

Power Tools Attachments

Power Tools Attachments

Used to extend the functionality of your Hitachi tools, our line of attachments will enhance the performance of your existing equipment.

Browse the complete line of Hitachi Power Tools Attachments.

Outdoor Power Equipment Accessories

Outdoor Power Equipment Accessories

Hitachi’s line of 2-stroke engine oils and lubricants will ensure your outdoor power tools are well-maintained to perform for many years to come.

Find a local retail outlet to purchase your Outdoor Power Equipment Accessories.

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