Energy Solutions
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Efficient energy storage systems for power stability

To reduce the CO2 level, we must introduce more renewable energy resources (RE) for use in our daily life. RE is clean and contributes towards creating a sustainable world. While this sounds extremely promising, RE is most often affected by unpredictable weather, which can easily result in instability of the power grid,causing changes even in microseconds. Hitachi’s advanced energy storage system can help to address this challenge.

Energy Storage Systems
Compact Energy Storage System Compact energy storage system

Innovations in power grid management

Hitachi has several battery types to help maintain power grid stability. In the power grid network, when frequency fluctuates, it may often result in power outages. Hitachi’s CrystEna (all-in-one lithium-ion battery system) helps regulate the frequency level of the grid.

In addition to maintaining stability, energy saving is vital. Hitachi has lead acid battery solution, which can reduce the peak load of the power usage.

Hitachi designs and develops all the technologies, from battery hardware to software controlling system.CrystEna is a compound word of “Crystal” and “Energy”, which describes Hitachi’s Crystal technology + energy.

Sustainability Solutions Sustainability Solutions

Sustainability Solutions

Hitachi has developed a unique solution to reduce resource demand, such as energy or water, and associated costs for large enterprises by creating more sustainable and smart business infrastructures. Our Energy Savings as a Service solutions cut through the complexity and offer measurable and sustainable energy and resource savings, realized through no upfront capital cost and reduced operating expenses over the life of the solution. Our approach is designed in partnership with clients and is geared entirely toward eliminating barriers to performance improvement. Our approach is not about selling equipment or making bets on energy futures. It is entirely about turning energy and resource savings into a commodity. We accomplish this by deploying innovative technology with product and service solutions and driving operational excellence.