Healthcare & Life Sciences
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Integrated solutions for critical decision-making

Incorporating advanced technology with rich experience, Hitachi offers integrated healthcare solutions to improve social health while simplifying diagnostic processes. This is an invaluable tool to optimally assist medical practitioners and caregivers with patient data for immediate, clinical decision-making that can save lives and increase recovery.

Integrated Healthcare Solutions
Proton Beam Therapy Proton Beam Therapy for cancer treatment

Targeted efficacy, minimal side-effects

Hitachi has over two decades of experience in particle therapy, including designing, manufacturing, and implementing key particle accelerating components. Our Proton Beam Therapy (PBT) solution has proven its efficacy in the treatment of numerous tumor types by facilitating high disease control rates with reduced radiation-related side effects.

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Optical Topography System Optical Topography Systemn

Unravelling the grey matter

Optical Topography is a non-invasive tool that allows the investigation of cerebralhemodynamics using near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS). Hitachi’s Optical Topography System, ETG-4000 helps to shed new light on the secrets and complexities of the living brain. It is a compact system, both mobile and user-friendly, with on-screen guides for enhanced usability.

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Computed Tomography Scan Systems Computed Tomography scan systems

Solutions for high-quality patient care

Hitachi Medical designs and manufactures Computed Tomography (CT) scan systems that exceed customer expectations, allowing medical practitioners to provide excellentdiagnostic patient care. The CT systems provide excellent performance in a wide variety of imaging environments.

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Detection accuracy and diagnosis speed Electro optic solutions for disease diagnosis

Detection accuracy and diagnosis speed

Hitachi fosters a broad a range of analytical systems and electro optic solutions that help detect accurate analysis and diagnosis of a spectrum of diseases. Innovative medical systems facilitate groundbreaking advancements in research for the medical and healthcare industries.

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