Natural Resources
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Hitachi Machinery for higher performance and accuracy

Optimum extraction and consumption of natural resources in preservation for future generations is a core philosophy that Hitachi applies across all its innovations. Hitachi has introduced a range of heavy machinery and trucks that will enable higher performance through accuracy, so only the exact requirements are removed from the Earth, thus, facilitating sustainability.

Exceeding customer expectation by employing advanced technology, enhancing precision, and offering superior reliability – are the promises Hitachi assures through its construction machinery, and related products and services. Our offerings ensure faster, smoother, and cost-saving processes that improve operational efficiency to maximize productivity.

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Hitachi Construction Machinery
Hitachi Forestry Solutions Foresters for hauling wood

Hitachi Shovels and Excavators for maximum productivity

The range of excavators, shovels, and haul trucks from Hitachi have been designed and manufactured to offer flexibility, reliability, and fuel efficiency.Operators can achieve maximum lifting and hauling capacity. Hitachi also implemented a line of Foresters that are primarily employed for hauling and transporting wood. These rugged machines are capable of functioning in extreme conditions and harsh environments.

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Customized Mining Solutions Comprehensive and customized mining solutions

Customized Mining Solutions for every mine site

Wenco Mining Systems deliver comprehensive mining solutions. They are scalable to accommodate the unique needs of your mine, irrespective of the fleet size. The advanced mining equipment ensures safety and efficacy through fleet management systems. These systems have several purposes which monitor and provide updates about machine health, real-time data about other vehicles in the mine site, dynamic conditions of the mine site, and many such guidelines to site managers.

Receive intelligent insights about your mines with Wenco Mining Solutions.

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