Public Safety
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Comprehensive solutions for a safer tomorrow

Smart cities, whether built from scratch or transformed by augmenting existing infrastructure with advanced technology, focus first and foremost on keeping people and communities safe. While several separate devices, such as video cameras and gunshot detectors,exist for monitoring and surveillance, Hitachi’s pioneering integrated security solution captures, transmits, and visualizes real-time data to provide full-time situational awareness in smart cities.

integrated Security Solution

Proactive threat detection for active intervention

An advanced offering by Hitachi is the Live Face Matching System (LFM) that is deployed in areas that require proactive threat detection, such as airports, banks, commercial buildings, high-security public spaces, and other data-sensitive institutions. The system provides real-time facial image matching for video surveillance systems. These profiles trigger an alert to authorities in the event of matches with subjects or convicts who are already registered in the database.

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Critical area protection for security CRUCIAL SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS

Critical area protection for national security

Hitachi’s range of electro-optical, long-range imaging solutions assist in surveillance and protection of critical areas.Securing borders, coastlines, and critical infrastructure is essential for the safety and peace of mind of all citizens. The surveillance cameras from Hitachi possess the potential to detect threats several kilometers away, enabling proactive and immediate security intervention.

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intelligent crime prevention Austin Police Deploy Hitachi Solution

Real-time visual data for intelligent crime prevention

For the Physical Security Information Management System (PSIM), Hitachi combines its multiple strengths of innovation in IT, social infrastructure, and analytics for the improvement of community safety.A successful example of Hitachi’s Visualization Solutions is in Austin, Texas, United States, where the Hitachi Visualization Platform (HVP) is being used to provide evidence of potential crimes to support public safety goals.It provides the necessary tools fortruly data-driven and intelligence-based policing.