Smart Cities
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Transcending definitions, enhancing lives

Smart cities are broadly defined as planned cities that incorporate information and communication technology to enhance quality, performance, and comprehensive management of urban services,as well as reduce costs and limit the unnecessary consumption of resources.Hitachi’s vision, innovative approach, and initiatives transcend this definition, in order to intentionally design and create sustainable,next-generation cities that coexist with the environment and improve quality of life for communities. This refined definition extends to enable safe, convenient, and comfortable urban lifestyles.

Hitachi infuses superior infrastructure, reliable software, sensor data from the Internet of Things, and other state-of-the-art technology to help elevate our global society to meet the needs of the future, today.Smart cities offer inhabitants public safety, efficient mobility and connectivity, and adequate resources for high-quality, prosperous living standards.

Hitachi Cities
Imaging solutions for public safety Imaging solutions for public safety

Developing safer spaces

Situational awareness is the key to ensuring community safety. With this understanding, Hitachi has envisioned several initiatives for safer and smarter societies. From live face matching systems, to long-range imaging solutions, we offer a host of cutting-edge, effective public safety solutions.Our solutions provide ongoing, real-time surveillance, which enable authorities and other official personnel to receive timely and action able insights. These help them to make quick and informed decisions about critical actions. Learn more about innovations in Public Safety.

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Transportation and Logistics Data integration for transportation and logistics

Connecting across borders

Technology and the Internet of Things have connected people and made the world smaller and more accessible than ever before.As a team player, Hitachi has merged its expertise in multiple spheres to create integrated transportation and logistics data solutions that facilitate smoother, safer journeys. Employing advanced visualization solutions, we provide improved connectivity and greater reach. Learn more about innovations in Transportation and Logistics.

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Mobilizing society efficiently

Mobilizing society efficiently

As a leading supplier to the automotive industry, Hitachi is helping its customers develop next generation vehicles that are smarter, more efficient, safer and more comfortable. The company’s products include powertrain and electronic control systems, engine component systems, drive control systems, car information systems and a complete lineup of aftermarket products. As the promise of autonomous driving becomes a reality, Hitachi is focused on autonomous driving and connected car systems that will promote seamless communication between people and social infrastructure. Learn more about innovations in Automotive Technology.

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Healthcare and Life Sciences Integrated systems for patient data access

Strengthening doctor-patient relationships

Quality care and dedicated attention are what every patient desires from the healthcare system. Understanding the natural yearning for quality care and dedicated attention, Hitachi has developed integrated healthcare solutions such as Computed Tomography (CT) scan systems that exceed diagnostic expectations in a wide variety of imaging environments. Taking patient care a step further, Hitachi also provides ground breaking electro optic solutions which enable accurate analysis and diagnosis of a spectrum of diseases. Learn more about Hitachi innovations in Healthcare and Life Sciences.

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Renewable Power Sources Renewable power sources for uninterrupted supply

Balancing energy optimally

Uninterrupted power supply across domains is essential for maximum productivity. In their efforts to maintain the optimal balance between energy supply and demand, Hitachi has introduced disruptive technology in power management by incorporating solar plants and other renewable energy sources. This technique will reduce the power load today and provide a reserve of power to light your world tomorrow. Learn more about innovations in Energy.

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Converting droplets to gallons Water treatment systems and water pumps

Converting droplets to gallons

Water is a limited resource that is essential to life as we know it. Despite being available in large quantities,much of it is not in usable form. Recognizing this predicament, Hitachi has employed advanced technology to design and develop water treatment systems and water pumps with widespread applications to make the best use of available water with minimal waste. Learn more about innovations in Water Delivery and Management.

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Conserving nature’s bounty Sustainable natural resource utilization

Conserving nature’s bounty

Sustainability is a critical ethos that has made ripples across the world. Understanding that this is a vital aspect to society and industry, Hitachi has brought to market efficient machinery and high-utility excavators that remove only the exact amount of resources required from the Earth.By prioritizing smart innovations, you can contribute to a more sustainable tomorrow.Learn more about innovations in Natural Resources.

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Integrating to differentiate Customized Telecom and IT services

Integrating to differentiate

Differentiation is critical for success in today’s competitive world. Addressing these needs of established and emerging organizations, Hitachi combines infrastructure, software, and technology to enable telecom businesses to analyze their customer data and understand individual needs for customized services.We have also succeeded in ensuring foolproof data storage for generations using fused silica glass.Learn more about innovations in Telecom and IT.

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