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Innovative Transformations in Information Technology

Hitachi enables businesses to deliver more to their customers using data intelligence by offering innovative solutions incorporating advanced technology, superior infrastructure, and analytic software.


Easy and secure data indexing and encryption

Personal data involving healthcare, finances, identification numbers and other similar information are often highly sensitive. This is also true about data related to government operations and national security. While securing such information is crucial, it is equally important that the data is easy to search for and index, enabling quick access and reference.

As part of its Social Innovation Business, Hitachi has developed Credeon, a full text search encryption plug-in for ApacheSolr, an enterprise search platform. In addition to data security, this solution facilitates search index encryption, thereby ensuring that the index files are encrypted even during the search.It also maintains confidentiality by restricting data access to those who need it.

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Fused Silica Glass Data preservation using fused silica glass

Data preservation over generations

The transition from physical documents to digital media results in the necessity for long-term data storage solutions. Hitachi has designed and developed innovative fused silica glass composed of 100 recording layers. It is resistant to high temperatures and exposure to water, promising that data remains intact over time.

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Environmental Activities

Hitachi is committed to working towards a better future through consistent adherence to ecological standards at every one of their factories and offices. Through our social innovation initiatives, we develop environmental-friendly products that are designed to serve people for generations to come. Our vision, products, campaigns, initiatives, and facilities are oriented towards developing innovative technology that is both productive and supportive in environmental sustainability.

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Case Studies

Discover how a Hitachi partner with enterprises belonging to different industries across the world adds value and credibility to transform operations. Our innovative products and solutions benefit organizations across sectors including: Retail, Power, Education, Medical, Automotive, Transportation and Logistics, Research and Science, Finance and Insurance, and other powerful sectors. By partnering with our philosophy, our clients achieve their objectives, to scale their business and increase productivity.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

At Hitachi, we prioritize our societal responsibility as a cornerstone to success. We believe in collaborating with stakeholders to contribute to a sustainable society which maintains high transparency in all our activities. Our corporate social responsibility initiatives uphold, prioritize human rights, encourage diversity and inclusion, and preserve ecosystems. Creating social innovation solutions that are sustainable is our main focus as we move towards creating global solutions for society’s challenges.

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